Jada Pinkett-Smith Will Play A Bad Guy On The Batman Prequel Series ‘Gotham’


Earlier this month we learned that actor Benjamin McKenzie has been cast in the lead role of Detective Jim Gordon in Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel TV series Gotham. Today we learn that actress Jada Pinkett-Smith has been cast as one of the villainous characters on Gotham … essentially she will play the boss bad guy. Gotham will feature very famous Batman villains in their early, lowly forms — before they become supervillains. Jada will play a character who is a major bad guy before the other supervillains ever rise to power. I have to say, the more I hear about this Batman prequel series, the more intrigued I am to see how it will turn out.

Fox’s Batman prequel Gotham has signed Jada Pinkett Smith to its cast, but you’ll literally never guess who she’s playing. Catwoman? Harley Quinn? A gender twist on The Riddler or Joker, perhaps? We’re told Mrs. Will Smith will play … “Fish Mooney.” That name should leave even die-hard DC Comics fans scratching their heads. In the show, Fish is “a sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner, she’s got the street smarts and almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book. Imposing and hotheaded, she’s not one to be crossed.” Fish Mooney also the boss of a young psycho named Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), who eventually becomes The Penguin (and we all know what penguins eat … right?) … Sources close to the production say Fish is likely an entirely original character. But since all the other characters cast so far in Gotham have been names from the sprawling Batman canon, and since this a prequel tale, there’s always the possibility Fish will evolve into somebody more familiar.

I am, thus far, very impressed with the way this series appears to be turning out. I have had a hard time envisioning how a Batman series could work without Batman in it but this reminds me that there are so many great characters in the Batman universe that there are stories to be told that we fans likely haven’t even considered before. I’m really curious to see how the Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin character will appear on the show. I tend to have the image of the character from 1992’s Batman Returns in mind when I think of The Penguin. I’m still a bit cautious about falling in love with this Gotham series so early on but … I’m definitely intrigued and curious. Jada is an excellent actress. I think she’ll make a kick-ass villain. I can’t wait until we get to see the first promo images and video footage from this new Batman prequel series.


  • Kim-E

    You should change With to Will in headline.

    I think this is a good choice. Jada is a good actress and I believe she’ll lead a sexy, scary charge to the show. It could be camp or dark and Jada goes both ways.

    • @Kim-E — Yikes! That was a glaring and embarrassing typo, thank you.

  • OG Emily

    Jada’s bad ass. She’ll kill it.

  • Paul

    I’ve never heard of Fish Mooney. If it’s a comic book character, it is very obscure.

    • @Paul — It may be an original character. OR it may be a character that will evolve into a known character? Since it’s a prequel, they have a lot of room to do new things.