Justin Bieber Is Considering A Move To Atlanta To Be Closer To The Rap Scene


Earlier this month we learned first, that Justin Bieber has changed his name to Bizzle and second, that he has been hanging out with the elite rappers of Atlanta, GA both in and out of the recording studio. It would appear that Bizzle is making a play to transition from popstar to rapper so it makes sense that we learn today that he is interested in purchasing a $10 million dollar mansion in the ATL. You may recall that we learned last month that JB has been contemplating a move out of his Calabasas, CA home due to all the friction he has generated with his neighbors there. If Bizzle does decide to move, it looks like this home in Atlanta is top on his list of possible new abodes.

Atlanta residents beware — Justin Bieber has been scoping out houses in Atlanta … and one of the mansions he’s eyeing is on BLACKLAND ROAD. The 7-bedroom 16,000 sq. ft. house is located in the exclusive Buckhead district — where Usher currently lives. Young Jeezy also calls Buckhead home. It’s listed for $10.95 million. As we reported, Bieber wants to move to Atlanta to be closer to a thriving hip hop community — and this house is extra special because it meets Bieber’s list of Atlanta real estate criteria. After his Calabasas fiasco, sources tell us, Bieber’s demands include an estate that:

– Can’t be visible from the street (preferably secluded on 5+ acres)
— A minimum of 10,000+ sq. ft.
— Lists for between $4 and $10 mil.

So far, we’re told Bieber has breezed through multiple estates, and he’s looking to buy ASAP … FYI — Buckhead is considered the old money part of ATL — so turn down your hearing aids.

I can hear them now … Bieber’s neighbors in Calabasas are cheering at the tops of their lungs while Bizzle’s potential neighbors in Atlanta are lamenting wildly. All of this makes sense. JB wants to get out of his old neighborhood so that he can live somewhere fresh, new and without a throng of angry neighbors. He’s been making moves toward the world of rap and now that he is calling himself Bizzle, he wants to live where all of the world’s best rappers live. Personally, I’m all for the move … yes, JB, get you a new place where you can start over. As for the possible rap career? Ugh. I don’t think anyone is in support of that. No. Just, no.


  • Susan

    Nooooooooooo we don’t want him here. Send him back to Canada!

  • MJ

    Anybody got a refrigerator box we can cut some holes into so we can return to sender? I’m sure we can get a Kickstarter PITNB shipping fund started!

    • @MJ — Hahaha

    • Vicky

      We don’t want him!! Let’s send him to a deserted island with no resources :)

    • Nora

      There are plenty of remote islands up north in Canada. With bonus polar bears!

    • Missy

      Do we have to cut holes in the box?

  • jonie

    Hell no! That’s within five miles of my house and I road bike on those roads. FUUUUUUUDGE!!! Maybe he’ll quickly get kicked out.

  • Brittany

    Noooo that’s way too close to my work and vicinity. Please don’t let him move here.

  • Lauren xx

    I’m really sorry, Atlanta. Seriously.

  • adam

    Little boy lost. I feel sorry for him.