Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Her ‘BANGERZ’ Tour In Vancouver


Back in November we learned that Miley Cyrus would be embarking on a massive world tour in support of her latest album BANGERZ and last night, she kicked off her BANGERZ Tour in Vancouver, British Columbia. As you might’ve guessed, Miley’s show is chock full of wagging tongues, twerking asses and thrusting crotches … basically, a normal night for Miss Miley. Click thru the gallery presented here to see some photos from Miley’s first night of her BANGERZ Tour in Vancouver then click below to watch a video from her tour’s opening night and find out which of her songs make up the setlist for her musical touring spectacle.

Vancouver residents were treated to hot, steamy Valentine’s Day evening, courtesy of Miley Cyrus’ long-anticipated Bangerz Tour. The 38-date arena tour began at Vancouver’s Rogers Center last night, as Cyrus finally turned the fun and debauchery of her past year into a proper headlining show. According to the USA Today, Cyrus made her grand entrance by descending a massive slide shaped like her tongue from a huge projection of her own face on the set backdrop. From then on, she jumped into a set that drew predominantly from last year’s “Bangerz,” but also included a few hits from her pre-ratchet days. There were also covers of Dolly Patron’s classic “Jolene” and Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” Onstage, Cyrus and her production echoed her many memes and themes from the past year: furries, foam fingers, crotch grabs, giant cats, and of course, twerking. She waited for her encore to deliver the big hits: “We Can’t Stop,” “Wrecking Ball,” and finally, “Party in the U.S.A.”

SMS (Bangerz)
Love Money Party
My Darlin’
Maybe You’re Right
Do My Thang
Can’t Tame Me
Adore You
Rooting for My Baby
Hey Ya
Someone Else


We Can’t Stop
Wrecking Ball
Party in the U.S.A.

I guess this looks like fun … not my kind of fun, but fun nonetheless. I don’t think I’ll be seeing Miley on her BANGERZ Tour but I’m sure her fans will have the time of their lives. Does this look like a show that you’d like to see? Are any of y’all planning to see Miley on tour this year?

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  • Kendra

    This whole act of hers is tired as f*ck..

    • DJ

      You know what’s tired as f*ck? People who use an a*terisk to block out a letter in a “bad word”.

    • Kendra

      You seem fun……

    • DJ

      Don’t you mean f*n?

  • Kelly

    ew. prostitute much? no one wants to see your lady bits miley… NO ONE

    • Willak27

      ? im loving this miley, please, get more naked

  • Jamie7622

    It’s all so unfortunate because I truly love her new album but in no way could sit through that show as I’d have an anxiety attack from all that mess. Maybe with my eyes closed I could enjoy the show? Ugh, I’ll be saving my money that I would’ve spent on a ticket to her show in Boston and put it towards my ticket to see Britney in Vegas!

  • roxy

    I keep seeing mentions of her “target audience”. I’m not sure who that is supposed to be?? Maybe those of her generation, the Hannah Montana kids, who are now young adults, are her peeps. Either that or those that enjoy the circus. The costumes are colorful and creative and are a kind of eye candy, I guess. Some of the cliches and innuendo are too blatant to be called innovative art. Really, now, riding a big weenie? Mouthing a mic at crotch level? Crass. Judging by the number of people in attendance, at least from these camera angles, there are plenty of people who actually paid to see her, though obviously she is her own biggest fan.

  • nicole

    i need youtube videos of her singing ‘maybe you’re right’…i need to see if she pulled that off live