President Obama Asks YOU Not To Spoil ‘House Of Cards’ Season 2


The entire second season of House of Cards is finally available on Netflix today and, as a result, people will be watching the new episodes of the series at their own speed … meaning, some folks will have the time to watch most (if not all) of the second season before others will even get the chance to watch episode 1. President Barack Obama, himself a big fan of House of Cards, posted a tweet reminding us all that A.) the entirety of House of Cards season 2 comes out today and B.) it would be SO NOT COOL if anyone to post spoilers online about the show.

LOL! Folks, when the President of the United States of America tells you (nicely) not to post spoilers about a TV show, I think it’s the law of the land … or something. I am the kind of TV watcher that likes to binge watch TV shows if all of the episodes are available. I may not watch the entire season in one sitting (altho, I have done so in the past) but I do like to watch 2 or 3 eps at a time. I’ve yet to start HoC but I hope to get into it this weekend … but you’ll get no spoilers from me. I hope, as the president suggests, that YOU won’t be giving out any spoilers as well :)


  • Yasmin

    Just watched the first episode. Not gonna spoil anything, though you NEED to get to it soon!

    • @Yasmin — OMG!!!!

      UPDATE: I just finished the first ep and OMG!!!!!!!!

  • OG Emily

    That picture is so bad ass.
    I won’t be binge watching but spacing it out, old-school style. Good to know there won’t be any spoilers on PITNB ;o)