Watch: Nicki Minaj Releases A Music Video For A New Song, Announces The Title Of Her Next Album


Nicki Minaj has just unleashed a music video for her new song Lookin’ Ass N***a and as you can hear by clicking the embed above, Nicki is very free with her use of the word N***a … so use caution when you watch this video. The track will be featured on a Young Money compilation titled Rise of the Empire (which will be released on March 11). The song will also be featured on Nicki’s upcoming new album, which has been titled The Pinkprint (an obvious nod to Jay Z’s masterpiece album The Blueprint). Check out Nicki’s video above (if you dare) to get a taste of the new music she has got coming our way.

  • Britney’sBitch

    Love Nicki, love the video, like the song.
    Dislike the overuse of the word N
    Singers just make it sound popular and kinda familiar so I’m pretty sure that future generations will be a little bit too familiar with it and they might have problems with taking the word for what it is/was.

    I, myself had a problem with that.
    I was born and raised in a country where there is no African-americans, and the first black person I saw (in person) was when I was 25. And growing up, learning English I had no idea what that word represented, I didn’t know the background. All I knew was what I heard in the songs. But I was curious enouigh to educate myself. But I am pretty sure that 98% people in my country(and a lot of other countries, I’m sure) will not do that. SO they will be stuck with the opinion that the N word is maybe even ‘cool’ cuz it is mentioned in ‘cool’ songs such as this one and N****s in Paris.

  • blaqfury

    I was about to hit play until I saw the title on the first line of Trent’s commentary. Then I read the whole paragraph. Sigh… I’ll pass and wait for the radio edit version. See this is why I do not get all up in arms when stories come up of which race has permission to use the word. Artists and songs like these continue to make blacks look like hypocrites. The severity of the word continues to be dismantled by the ethnicity that should understand the depth of it the most. It really is sad.

  • nicole


  • Sam

    Ugh, no matter how much I try to like the broad, I just can’t even get close

    • nicole

      @Sam – LOL you are my favorite.