Meeting The Chrisleys


Yesterday I shared a super trailer promo video for the new reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best and I mentioned that I would be meeting the family at a press event here in LA last night. I gathered up Emma and Darion and we made our way to the Sunset Tower Hotel to meet the Crisleys and had only THE time of our lives. The event started with a little Q&A with patriarch Todd Chrisley, which members of the family chiming in here and there, and then the event was opened up so that anyone who wanted to meet the family could do so. Emma, who is a HUGE fan of the show already (having only watched the trailer I showed you yesterday), wasted no time and made a beeline for Todd, Julie and Savannah … and we all basically became BFF instantaneously.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from meeting the family last night. Todd Chrisley is so over-the-top in the promo videos that I wasn’t sure if that was an act or if he was just really that high-strung all the time. I was very happy to learn that yes, Todd’s personality in the the promo videos is true but he’s actually a very down to earth guy as well. His wife Julie is the sweetest woman ever and daughter Savannah? Oh, she is just a total doll. She actually saw one of my tweets yesterday before the event and she gave her dad the head’s up that I was excited to meet them … so they were looking forward to meeting me. It was a lovefest, y’all! I’m so excited for the debut of Chrisley Knows Best next month. Yes, Todd’s catchphrases and wild overreactions are going to grab headlines — which is the point, people need to see this show. At this point, we’ve only gotten a taste of what this new show will be like … I know I cannot wait to see more. I’ll be sure to remind y’all when Crisley Knows Best debuts on USA when March 11 rolls around. I really think this show will become everyone’s new obsession. I know I’m already obsessed … and I’m already thinking about making my first visit to Atlanta, GA :)

In other news, I have to let y’all know that my very good, my very dear friend Josh Zar is celebrating his birthday today so I’m going to need all y’all to send him ALL OF THE BIRTHDAY LURVE in the world today:

I can’t really get all mushy because JZ is so not a mushy guy but I must make it clear that he is absolutely one of the most important people in my life. I’ve loved him and his wife Emma since the day I met them and I don’t even have the time to list all the ways they matter to me. They are my family and I love them dearly. I can always count on Josh when I need a laugh or if I want to hang out and do something silly. I can always count on Josh when I need support and advice when things aren’t so fun and silly. There are many types of friends in our lives but the precious few that love you like their own family are few and far between. I know Josh and Emma have a fun weekend ahead planned for his birthday and Valentine’s Day so UNFORTUNATELY, I won’t be able to horn in on their fun. SO, I have to make do with my public pronouncements of Birthday Lurve. Josh, I love you man (in the real way, not in the cheesy Bud Light commercial way) and I hope you have the best birthday ever.

  • Zanne

    Happy birthday, Josh! Is it just me or does he look like someone famous? I can’t find him on IMDB so I guess he’s just famous from being on your blog, Trent! ;)

  • Paul

    Trent, Great pictures. I am glad you had the opportunity to meet them and found they were actually nice people. However, that being said, don’t diss the beer love. For some men, that’s the only way they can say it.

  • Phantom

    This is just another stupid”reality”(dont’ know why they call them REALITY shows when they are ALL scripted and told what to say) show with bad actors and boring dialogue along the lines of CMT’s Party Down South. won’t be watching this at all…..Are there any writers in Hollywood any more or did they all move to Canada??????????????????

  • Larry Poke

    “Nice” people or not, this show is just another example of pure garbage on TV these days. Personally I plan on a major boycott of the advertisers. That is the only thing the “suits” understand. No money, no shows.