Madonna Teases New Information About Her Next Album


Back in May we learned that Madonna was nowhere near ready to begin work on her next album but, thankfully, almost a year later that has changed. Madonna made an appearance in Toronto, Ontario last night for the opening of her newest Hard Candy Fitness Center and on the red carpet she was asked about her next album. Madonna confirmed that she plans are in the works for a new album and she even talked a bit about who she would like to collaborate with. Keep in mind, Madge was very careful about the details she chose to divulge but the fact that she is talking about a new album at all is very exciting.

Yesterday, Madonna attended the grand opening of the Hard Candy Fitness Center in Toronto. During one of the red carpet interviews, she talked about Hard Candy Fitness and also about the new album. Here’s a transcript by Madonnarama:

Madonna: Dance has always been a big part of my shows, my work… I started out as a dancer.
So I can’t imagine not having movement, dance and fitness being part of my work. It’s just all interconnected.
When I do shows, they’re very physical, sometimes not just dancing… jumping rope, slacklining, roller skating, whatever.

Are there any Canadian artists on your playlist?
Madonna: Drake, Michael Bublé.

Any collaboration with Drake in the future?
Madonna: If he’ll have me.

What about a new album? Any plans for that in the works?
Madonna: Yes, plans are in the works already. Don’t ask me with who. It’s a secret. Top secret!

LOL. Okay, so we don’t really know anything concrete. Madonna says she would work with Drake but that doesn’t mean that it will ever happen. I am very encouraged by the fact that she admits that plans for a new album are in the works. My guess is that she will begin recording soon … tho, I’m not sure she’ll start soon enough to have an album out by the end of this year. I guess we’ll have to see. This is very encouraging news tho … new Madonna music is in the works.


  • al

    I like Madonna but I’m going to need for her to step away from the knife, she’s starting to enter Joan Van Ark territory

    • DJ

      JOAN VAN ARK!!!
      THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!

      I, too, feel the same way, I’m just worried she’s on her way to being Cher. She already can’t close her mouth fully so she has to lick her lips every minute or so.

      But yay! New album!
      And does she not realize that we all heard the ballads album/Adele rumor?? I wouldn’t mind if Adele wrote a song for Madonna, but I really don’t want a ballad album. Though it sounds like she’s still in a dancing mood.

    • macguffin54

      I would love a ballads album. Mainly because she has only really had 2 or 3 since Ray of Light, and her ballads are often her strongest material. (She did Masterpiece off of MDNA, and maybe Love Spent, depending on how you look at it, Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You from Hard Candy, and that’s about it. Other songs, like Don’t Tell Me, had elements of balladry, but were not really ballads.) But, I would be happy if she just approached the songwriting from a “ballad” mind set. Some of my all-time favorite dance songs are just ballads set to a quick beat, like Donna Summer’s MacArthur’s Park, Toni Braxton’s remixes for Unbreak My Heart and I Don’t Want To and Madonna’s Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’s remix. Dance songs so often have boring, throwaway lyrics, it would be nice to get some deeper meaning and more-developed ideas for songs than just “let’s move our bodies”, let’s party until morning”, “let’s have sex”, etc. People who love to dance work out all sorts of emotions on the dance floor. It’d be nice to have some songs to go along with them.