Lupita Nyong’o Shares Her Beauty Secrets With ‘Glamour’ Magazine


The utterly and completely fabulous actress Lupita Nyong’o, who I got to meet earlier this week at The Hollywood Reporter’s Oscar Nominees Night event in Beverly Hills, is featured in the new issue of Glamour magazine and as you can guess — she looks flawless as usual. In her Glamour interview, Lupita opens up about her beauty secrets, talks about her education at an all boys school and reveals the moment that made her heart stop while filming her Academy Award nominated film 12 Years a Slave. It’s time, once again, to fawn and gush over Ms. Nyong’o … check out her Glamour photos and excerpts from her interview below.

On whether wearing makeup bolsters confidence: “I went to an all-boys high school, and they accepted girls in only the two A.P. classes. They had these archaic rules: For example, girls couldn’t wear makeup. I found it so outrageous that an all-boys school could tell girls to not wear makeup! So I went on a campaign. I got a petition signed and everything. If a girl wants to wear makeup to boost confidence, why not? [But] I’ve worked hard to feel beautiful in my natural skin. Personally, I don’t ever want to depend on makeup to feel beautiful.”

On her go-to red carpet look: “I love color. I’m enjoying trying all different shades. Makeup isn’t something I’ve worn a lot of in my life. So it’s good to work with someone like [makeup artist] Nick Barose, who is inspired by my complexion and knows how to work with it.”

On her skin care secrets: “I love using natural oils. I use avocado oil and Hawaiian Kukui Oil on my face. I like to keep things natural, simple, and straightforward.”

On her close cropped hairstyle: “The first time I cut all my hair off was when I was 19. I just got fed up going to the salon every week. I’d had enough! On a whim, it was off. It’s low maintenance.”

On the movies that shaped her childhood: “The Color Purple was one of the first films I saw that had people who looked like me. Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah were big influences … Another film is Eve’s Bayou. I can’t watch that movie enough.”

On getting into character for her role as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave: “I remember in my very first fitting, [costume designer Patricia Norris] gave me a garment with these intricate stitches—stitches over stitches, because it had been repaired so many times. Once I put it on, she told me that it belonged to an actual slave woman. My heart just stopped. Each one of the stitches had a story, you know. Just recognizing this period I was going to be dancing with was a “come to Jesus” moment.”

Considering how Lupita’s flawless skin is the envy of everyone in Hollywood right now, I’m sure folks are taking notes when she talks about her personal skin care regimen. As for her love of color, I mean … she is so blessed with her own natural skin color that she is able to wear really bold, really bright colors and just shine in the most beautiful way possible. I can’t even understand how a person can not love this woman. But, more than just beauty, Lupita’s talents are the real draw for me and hopefully for most other people. She is a revelation in 12 Years a Slave. Her story about the slave dress she wore in the film … it’s understandable how she was able to use the importance of the role to fuel her stunning performance. I hope we get to read more interview with Lupita. We get to learn more about her every time she is featured so … keep ‘em coming, magazine editors. I want more! This issue of Glamour magazine is available on newsstands now.

[Photo credit: David Slijper; Source]

  • Krissy

    She is so beautiful! I just love her skin and her face. The natural beauty is just breath taking.