Beyoncé Has Got Your Booty Covered This Valentine’s Day


With just a couple of days to go before Valentine’s Day 2014 strikes, Beyoncé wants YOU to know that she has got YOU and YOUR LOVER covered with a pretty fun VD gift for you both to enjoy. Bey is offering for sale two pairs of Beyoncé-themed underwear inspired by her song Mine. What is really great about these underwear gift sets is that they are being offered for straight and gay couples. One pair reads YOURS and the other pair reads MINE. By covering the gays and the straights, brilliant Beyoncé definitely knows her fan base.

Hahaha! I’m not sure if Beyoncé‘s online store offers rush shipping but I think any Bey fan would LOVE to receive a fun and sexy gift like this for VDay. Isn’t it so great that Beyoncé has made this fun couples gift available to ALL of her fans? Just, brilliant.