Lorde Shares An Acne Cream Selfie On Instagram


Lorde posted a photo on her official Instagram profile last night that most people wouldn’t have the balls to post anywhere. Before she tucked herself into to bed in Paris, France she treated her face with acne cream … like most teenagers her age (and many people even older than her) would do. BUT, unlike those of us who put acne cream on our faces, Lorde decided to share her acne cream selfie with the world. Bam. She don’t care.

in bed in paris with my acne cream on

This girl rules. Even if there is a Tumblr out there, sent to me by my friend Emma I must add, that features “Old Black People that Look Younger Than Lorde“, she does NOT let any of the hate get in her way. I would never post a photo like this on social media … Lorde, she don’t care what you think. And I say, good for her.


  • Shiny

    This is so refreshing. :)

  • OG Emily

    Having the guts to do this is one thing … Having the guts as a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD is entirely another. I would have NEVER had the confidence to do that at her age. Seventeen is such a vulnerable and awkward time. Good for her.

  • Krissy

    I can’t help it, I am really impressed by this! it is one thing to say you don’t care, but this is commitment! It really makes you laugh at the “no make-up” selfies that stars are always posting where they have on natural make up and use filters.

    Lorde might be young, but dang, she has balls. Or should I say uterine power?