Watch: Britney Spears Goes Brunette For ‘Britney: Piece Of Me’


Last week I got to see our dear Britney Spears live in concert in Las Vegas for her Britney: Piece Of Me residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. When I saw Britney, she was blonde and fabulous. Last night, Britney revealed herself on stage as a brunette … and she proceeded to SLAY the HELL out of every single person in attendance. As you can see below, Britney rocked her dark locks like a rock star … and in the Instagram videos that have also made their way online, she proves that she is TRULY the Queen of Las Vegas. Behold.

GAHHH! I love the darker hair color. Britney tends to go back to brunette from time to time and it looks like this time, Brunettney is seriously serious about kicking ass on the concert stage. Check out these videos below … our girl is on FIRE!

OMG. I’m so jealous. I mean, the shows I saw were amazing but I’d love to see Britney again as a brunette. GAH. I’ll have to get my buns back to Vegas sometime soon … I NEED to see Brunettney in action again. She looks so great, don’t she? I LOVE!

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  • gabe

    yassssssssss! slayyyyy baby girl!

  • nicole

    (imo)…she always seems to have a bit more fun as a brunette. i prefer the darker hair on her.

  • Donny

    That show looks so boring.

    • @Donny — Hahaha, of course you think that :) It’s so fun, people are LOVING it so much.

  • Marc

    um, you call THAT on fire???? you call THAT slaying????
    donny is right! Yawn of the century. she’s slaying? in what, an old-age home?

    I love britney for how she owned it in the past (fifteen years ago to a decade ago) but her this “Xanax Dancing” is not slaying.

    saying britney slayed tha

  • RonRontb22

    Love it!