Brad Pitt & Oprah Winfrey ALSO Go Make-Up Free For ‘Vanity Fair’


Yesterday we got to see photos of actresses Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet make-up free in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine’s 20th anniversary Hollywood Issue … and today we get to see two more make-up free actors in the mag. Actor Brad Pitt and talk show host/actress Oprah Winfrey are among the group of celebs who posed sans make-up for photographer Chuck Close and as you can see below, they don’t look all that different than they do when they are all made-up for the cameras. Have a look, won’t you?

Working with a rare and impressive 20-by-24-inch Polaroid camera, world-renowned American artist Chuck Close captured remarkably raw portraits of 20 bold talents, from Brad Pitt to Oprah Winfrey, for V.F.’s 20th Hollywood Issue. Below, sample the results—and take a look behind the scenes. To see the entire the Hollywood Portfolio, download the digital edition.

I really love these portraits. Much like the ones we saw yesterday of ScarJo and Kate Winslet, these portraits of Brad and Oprah show us a slightly different take on actors that we think we know so well. The thing that strikes me most is that the actors all appear to look slightly older when they are make-up free. It’s not a bad thing but they all do seem to look more … mature. Brad Pitt, I think, looks much more his age in his portrait than he does in movies, on film (in full make-up). Of the portraits that we’ve seen, do you have a fave? I think I have to go with ScarJo. Make-up or not, she always looks great.

[Photo credit: Chuck Close/Vanity Fair, Source]

  • kat:)

    I think they all look beautiful and great- and I’m jealous that I don’t look that good sans make-up! I agree with the point that they look older, except for ScarJo, she looked almost younger. And Brad Pitt looks almost identical, but a few more wrinkles- dude always looks good :)

  • OG Emily

    I really liked ScarJos because she is so unbelievably sexy when done up, but in that pic she looked like every other girl next door. Gives us regular girls hope that we too could be sexpots with the right makeup and hair artists. Kate looked like she always does, which is great b/c it means she doesn’t overdo it with makeup (like ScarJo might.) I think Oprah looks the same too, but maybe because we see her without makeup a lot. Brad tho – woah – I heard he’s been using the same makeup artist for 22 years and he uses it on the regular to cover up acne scars. I think he looks as different without makeup as ScarJo does.
    (BTW, I use the term “makeup” loosely because I know there’s a debate about whether foundation, powder, and lip gloss are used.)
    Great campaign, I like it. Reminds me of the after-school commercial that ran a lot during the 80s – it had 2 girls looking at a magazine and wishing they were that pretty. Then the model walks off the magazine into their living room and takes them to the photo shoot so they see all the lighting, hair, and makeup that goes on. I loved loved loved that commercial because it was the first time I realized magazines lie. And this was waaaaaay before Photoshop. I always wished they renewed that commercial so a whole new generation of girls can be impacted the same way I was.

  • randomdreamer01

    Is Oprah really make up free? Vanity Fair, are you REALLY sure?!

    • Kiki

      Same thought. I could swear she has on eyeliner/mascara. Otherwise, they all look the same to me, just like a real person, not a rubber doll.

  • Lori

    oprah definitely has make up on. unless she has permament eyeliner, which is a huge possibility. in tht case, oprah is NEVER make up free ;)

  • Nathan

    They only way Oprah is makeup free, as others have said, is if she has permanent makeup on. I’ve seen both photos in magazines of her without makeup as well as episodes of her show when she spent time in Africa and had cornrows and she definitely looks different in this one.

  • Ben@PR

    Brad looks like always like he needs a shower. Oprah have gone make up less lots of time.