A NY Restaurant Is Offering A Beyoncé-Themed Menu For Valentine’s Day


An Italian eatery called Brucie has put together the perfect Valentine’s Day menu for all of you Beyoncé and Jay Z fans out there in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. For VDay this year, Brucie will offer a menu where all of the dishes are Beyoncé-themed … so you can start off your meal with Oysters Rocafella, followed by a second course of I Am Pasta Fierce, followed by a third course of Diva is a Female Version of a Brusstla. This is brilliant. BRILL-IANT. Click below to see the full Beyoncé-themed menu that will be available at Brucie this Valentine’s Day.

OMG … I love this so much … SO MUCH. They even have a dish called Breastiny’s Child!!! AHHH!!! Man, I wish I could be in NYC for VDay this year … even if I had to haul in a stranger off the street to dine with me, I’d LOVE to enjoy a Beyoncé-themed meal like this … wouldn’t you? Please, NY readers out there, tell me that you are going to try out this menu. I’m dying to know what the Surf Board tastes like :)


  • ECK

    My Brooklyn neighborhood is right next to Cobble Hill, so I’m, like, skipping out on my anniversary with my boyfriend (sorry, babe!) and going to Brucie. I’ll be getting my Jay-Ziti on.

    • @ECK — “I’ll be getting my Jay-Ziti on.” OMG, LOVE!!! You gotta let us know how your dinner turns out :)

    • Dezden


  • blaqfury

    Beyonce’s influence is REAL.