Is A Justin Bieber Sex Tape On The Way?!


Remember that photo that surfaced a couple of days ago that features popstar Justin Bieber suckling the oversized, silicone-infused breast of a stripper? Well, there’s a possibility that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. A new report is going around that suggests that an actual Justin Bieber sex tape may come out shortly … which fills me with such dread that I cannot even comprehend what the release of such a video would do to mankind. At this point, this alleged sex tape exists only in rumor … but considering the graphic nature of that nipple sucking photo, is it really so hard to believe that an explicit sex video also exists of Justin Bieber?

As if Justin Bieber didn’t have enough trouble on his hands between his legal problems and the petition going around to have him deported … Now, the Biebs has a sex tape? That’s right. According to Radar Online, a 12-minute sex tape is being shopped around and shows Bieber getting it on with multiple strippers. Radar reports that in the beginning of the tape, Bieber is shown with two topless girls. Then, the source writes:

The rest of the 12-minute “crystal clear” video sees Bieber in compromising positions and romping “with two strippers during which he spanks their bum and pulls off their panties with his teeth.

The eyes of my imagination have been seared at the mere suggestion of what my actual eyes may see if this alleged video exists and is released. OMG. I can’t even. Had that nipple sucking photo not come out, I would not believe in the existence of a sex tape. But, yeah, I am pretty confident that more explicit footage (either photo or video) does exist and I have a feeling we’ll see something. If not a full blown sex tape, something else is bound to come out. I shudder at the thought. SHUDDER!

Gird your loins, world, we may not be properly prepared for what we may see from The Biebs very shortly. Yikes!


  • Krissy

    …the bile….just rose up…in the back of my throat. I don’t think I can handle this, ya’ll. Ick!

  • Krissy

    I think Justin needs to listen to Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. His manager needed to say this to him YEARS ago!

    “You need to know who your audience is,” he said, “When your audience is 11 – 15 year old girls, you can’t promote yourself as a pot-smoking, hooker f—ing wannabe thug….I understand that your [sic] 19 and your balls just dropped, but you gotta use your brain and let your audience grow with you. You’re jumping the gun and leaving your fans behind and now they are confused…If i were you, I’d take a serious look at who your audience is…”

  • Britney’sBitch

    Wait didn’t he say he’s retiring?
    What does he have to promote now?
    Or maybe he’s planning to change career path? Gay porn?

  • roxy

    I think running away from his audience is just what he is trying to do. He doesn’t want to be a teen heartthrob, dammit, he’s bad, BAD!, just ask his mom.

    • roxy


    • Krissy

      I agree, I think he is trying to run from the teen heart throb thing…but that is a HORRIBLE business decision. If his people can’t get him to stop the antics through typical means, they need come at him like business men talking to a business man. You like money? Stop crapping on the golden goose!

  • roxy

    LOL at your use of the word, “suckling”.

    It isn’t difficult to believe such a tape exists. Wasn’t he in the company of strippers in South America not too long ago? Brazil, was it? And then one of them released that pic she took of him sleeping? Perhaps she will also be one of his co-stars in the alleged footage.

  • Meghan

    This tape will rival Hulk Hogan’s in terms of disturbing ickiness….