A Return To Surf City


Earlier this morning I made my way down to Huntington Beach, CA to run my second Surf City Half Marathon along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. I loved the course so much last year that I knew I wanted to run it again this year. Today’s race was my first bit of running since my crazy weekend of 4 races at Walt Disney World last month but I had forgotten about how painful that experience was and found myself excited for today’s run. The temps were very chilly this morning … in the mid 40s (with wind) so I was not a happy camper until the race started (and my body was able to warm up). I ran the race in a pretty good time and I got to meet an amazing Pink is the new Blog reader so … it’s been a good day, so far :)

Despite the chilly start, the weather was really perfect for a long distance run. Once I got moving, the cool air was nice. I never overheated and I think I was able to run faster because my body was able to remain cool despite all the energy I was putting out. The course was exactly the same as last year so I knew what to expect. I had fun. After the race, I ran into PITNB reader Laura who tells me that she is an OLD SKOOL reader … so getting to meet her was really a highlight for me. I was tired, sweaty and kinda gross … but meeting Laura really brightened up my day.

I was invited to a couple of Super Bowl parties but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make them before the game starts. I need to clean up, rest up and eat. I’m not rooting for any particular team to win … I just want the best team to win :) I hope you are having a great Sunday, Super Bowl or not. Enjoy!!

  • Laura Schisler

    Just so you know, this made my day! It was so awesome meeting you!

    • @Laura — The feeling is completely mutual. It’s too bad I was so gross and sticky. It would’ve been nice to get a drink and chat for a bit <3