Experiencing ‘Britney: Piece Of Me’ In Las Vegas: A Review


And so, at long last, I was finally able to make my way to Las Vegas, NV to experience our dear Britney Spears’s LV concert residency Britney: Piece of Me last night and … man, did I have the time of my life. Because I was out of the country during Britney’s first short run of shows last month, I had to wait until round 2 to see her live with my own eyes. It’s been difficult to stay away from all of the photos and videos that came out when she first performed a few weeks ago (she only performed 4 shows before I saw her last night) but I managed to stay RELATIVELY in the dark about what to expect from the show before seeing it for myself last night. I made the quick flight over from LA and checked into my hotel … and then counted down the minutes until I could experience Britney: Piece of Me myself. As you might have expected, I took a LOT of photos and some short videos last night … which, I don’t think, are too spoilery but do give a good feel for what the show is all about.

The concert venue inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, named Axis, is pretty small. All of the seats look like good seats to me but that was judging from right up front against the stage where I was standing. I managed to get Gold Circle Pit tickets for my Britney shows so I really had the best vantage point in the venue. My suggestion is to go for the pit tickets because you’ll spend most of the show close up to Britney and her dancers, as opposed to the VIP seats that offer very expensive bottle service (Britney only goes near those seats a handful of times. Tho those very expensive VIP tix come with the opportunity to meet Britney backstage so there’s that). The setlist, which is easily available all over the place, was the same as the first set of shows and contains hit after hit after hit. You could hear people joyously singing along to every single song, screaming with elation every time a new song started. There is a lot of dancing in this show. I was very impressed with all of the choreography and the staging of the song performances. I couldn’t pick a favorite, to be honest (some faves include 3, Do Somethin’, Toxic, Me Against the Music … and on and on). There is flying and bungee jumping … fireworks, fire, water, smoke … lots of confetti. The show is just super fun, like really. It’s not an over the top spectacle nor does it have lots of crazy technical aspects. Unlike some shows, the video screens aren’t really the main visual draw … for Piece of Me, all eyes are on Britney. She’s on stage for most of the show, only appearing off stage to change out fits. I’d say she’s on stage for about 90-95% of time (the longest amount of time she spends offstage is during the Scream & Shout interlude). Her banter with the crowd in between songs still needs work (she sounded a little stiff, a lot canned) but it doesn’t matter … she flips her hair and the crowd goes wild. All I saw was happy faces … just, pure happy fans. As the crowd slowly filtered out of the theater, all I could hear was praise for the show we had just seen. A good mix of younger fans and older fans, everyone gushing over how great the show really is. I knew I’d love the show but I didn’t really anticipate how happy it would make me feel. Britney has a lot of great music and she seemed to take pleasure in performing those songs for her ecstatic fans. Her singing? Well … despite the microphone she was wearing, I suspect she was doing a lot of singing along to vocal tracks but I can’t be sure so it’s probably best for folks to determine for themselves what they hear (I must admit that she is not singing 100% live but even her people have admitted to that). All I know is the show that I saw, taken in sum, was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at a concert. My friend Courtney is flying in to LV tomorrow and we are seeing Britney one more time on this trip. I am really, really excited to see the show again for myself — obvs — but I’m probably equally excited for Courtney to experience it for herself. If you have even the remotest interest in seeing this show, I think you’ll be very very happy if and when you do. Britney will be here for 2 years … plenty of time for folks to come on out and experience Britney: Piece of Me for themselves :)

I have no plans for today. I’m not a big Vegas fan, to be honest. I may head out and find something fun to do … or I may just relax at my hotel, read, do nothing. Sin City is not my city so I may as well take advantage of the down time. I hope YOU are having a great Thursday! Happy Weekend Eve!!

  • Britney’sBitch

    Amazing pictures. I’m jealous and I hate you. Goodbye

  • Louigi12

    Happy for you, Trent! Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!!

  • Whitney

    Trent, how would you compare this to her other tours?

    • @Whitney — That’s a tough question. It’s different but in a good way. When I think of Dream Within a Dream (which is my fave of her tours), I think of how BIG the show was because it was touring stadiums around the world. Piece of Me is smaller, obvs, because it’s tailored for an intimate venue. So while the stage and production aren’t MASSIVE, POM more than makes up for that because of how close the audience is to the action. The show felt nice and long, the songs just kept coming one after the other. I guess I’d say it’s on par with the best of her previous live shows.

    • Jamie O.

      Dream within a Dream is my favorite, hands down. That was when normal people could log on to Ticketmaster right at 10 am and get good seats to shows- I was in the 8th row. A mere mortal at my first Britney concert that close! Unheard of these days!

  • Ashley

    Looks really, really great. I hope I can get as good of seats as you appeared to have when I finally get to make it to Vegas. I’ve been really looking forward to your review, and I hope you enjoy it again tonight. :)

  • OliviaFlorrickEsq

    Ugh. I am not going to lie, I sort of wanted to read a bad review from you for this show so I wouldn’t be SO JEALOUS of your attendance. I might need to start selling plasma to fund a trip to Vegas.

  • schmee

    If you’re looking for something to do in Vegas, theres Drink & Drag bowling. Their website lists events even though Yelp says they’ve closed. Depending on when you go, bowling is free if you go in your underwear…

    • @schmee — !!! “bowling is free if you go in your underwear” !!! Thanks for the suggestion ;)

    • schmee

      Its not being an exhibitionist, its being fiscally responsible!

  • Bekah Everett

    I don’t know how long you’re going to be in Vegas, but I would recommend looking into some of the spas, especially if you’re just looking to relax / kill time. The spa at the Wynn is my favorite. You don’t need to book a treatment to use the facilities (sauna, steam room, whirlpool, solarium, etc). You just pay the fee for non-guests (unless you’re staying there) and you have unlimited access to the facilities all day.

  • Brenna Fender

    I’m so glad you had a great time!

  • joe

    I love going to shows in Vegas. The venues are designed for good acoustics & it makes such difference! Saw Ricky Martin & Kylie & obvs Celine there & will do it again if it’s an option. Have fun, Trent :) I hear the Neon Graveyard is awesome–hope to see it my next visit to LV.

  • Donny

    “Her singing? Well … despite the microphone she was wearing, I suspect she was doing a lot of singing along to vocal tracks but I can’t be sure so it’s probably best for folks to determine for themselves what they hear (I must admit that she is not singing 100% live but even her people have admitted to that).”

    Oh, Trent! You’re a grown man. You said you were right up against the stage. Get some balls. She didn’t sing a live note and I’m guessing she wasn’t even “singing” along to vocal tracks. It’s called lip syncing and you know it.

    • @Donny — As I said, it was evident that she was singing along to vocal tracks in some parts, in others not so much (particularly during the ballads). Which is why I say that people can judge for themselves.

    • Ashley

      LOL is it just me or does Donny always seem very negative towards our Britney. Get out, get out I say!!


  • tami

    question….if i’m short…is the pit a good spot still or would orchestra be better?

    • @tami — IMHO, the pit spot is the best seat in the house. but the venue is very small so there isn’t a bad seat anywhere.

  • Laure

    What time did you arrived before the show to be where you stand in the GA section, please ? :) I want to take my tickets :))) But I don’t know if my friends are willing to go very early before the show :D
    Thank you, love your article! :)

  • Paige S.

    Hey! I have pit seats for her January 30th show… I wanted I know the exact same thing: what time did you start standing in line to get right at the stage! I would love to get as close as you! :)

    • @Paige S. — Think I responded to your comment on Instagram but just in case, I got to the venue one hour before showtime. The pit area isn’t totally packed, there is room to move so you will be able to get very close to the stage relatively easy without having to wait for hours beforehand.

  • Lee

    What time does Bristney actually go on stage? I’m going in a couple of weeks and don’t wnpant to be late. I’ve heard the queues to get in are long.

    • @Lee — If you have a seat, the queues won’t matter. If you’re in the standing room area, you’ll be fine if you get there an hour before the show starts. If I recall, she goes on promptly at 9PM.

  • Brittany

    I purchased a ticket for Standing Room Only and it has a seat number on it?? Do you know why? I am going w a group of girls but we all are buying our tickets at different times. Will we be able to stand together?