Meek Mill’s WILD Grammy Party Attended By Diddy, Nelly, Drake, An Actual Lion & MORE Gets Shut Down By Police


After the 56th Grammy Awards were handed out, after all of those amazing performances took place on the big stage, an onslaught of Grammy afterparies went into effect all over Hollywood. Many of the afterparties were industry sponsored, others were privately hosted. Rapper Meek Mill hosted a Grammy afterparty in a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills and he attracted a who’s who of Hip Hop superstars to his event. In addition to attendees like Diddy, Drake, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri and others, Mill also had an actual lion and a camel at his party … you know, just because. Mill’s party got so out of hand that police had to come on by to shut it down at around 5AM this morning … so you know a good time was had by all (well, except for the caged lion). Click below to see some photos from his CRAZY Grammy afterparty.

Cops swarmed the Grammy afterparty thrown by Meek Mill in the Hollywood Hills — a party so wild it had more than a thousand celebs and actual WILD ANIMALS!! Meek rented out a mansion on Mulholland Drive and hosted Diddy, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow and many more — but the bash was still going at 5 AM … and that’s when the California Highway Patrol stepped in to shut it down. TMZ sources inside the party tell us most of the guests were shuttled up to the mansion — but others parked illegally along Mulholland — and cops were towing cars as the sun came up. Hundreds of guests were stranded, wandering the street trying to get home. Still … it was totally worth the hassle because we’re told bottles of Ace of Spades were flowing by the thousands — and he had a camel and a LION posing for pics with guests! Ain’t no party like a Meek Mill party …

Bananas. I have to say, I’m not really that cool with having wild animals caged for party purposes but dang, Meek Mills really went all out for his shindig. It sounds like this was the party that everyone wanted to attend because, HELLO, there was a LION THERE! I’m certain there were quite a few really spectacular parties going on all over town last night but it sounds like Meek Mill kinda wins with the king of all Grammy afterparties.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • OG Emily

    Really truly not ok about the lion. Like, this makes me really angry and stabby.

  • Meghan

    Really pissed about the lion. It’s not a toy to be used for amusement. It’s a living creature that could destroy all of them. Is it wrong of me to wish it had broke free?

  • Mela

    More like Weak Mill. 100% not shocked that he decided it would be fun to exploit some exotic animals because in my mind he has zero class which is why I never EVER listen to his music.

  • Veronica

    Having a caged lion around for these pathetic people’s amusement is horrifying and disgusting. Meghan, unfortunately if it had broken free, it probably would have been put down right away for unleashing its (justified) anger. Really hope PETA is all over this one.

  • Meliway

    I would’ve had to get REALLY inebriated to have fun at a party where a lion is caged up like that. So inebriated that my conscience and ethics couldn’t be heard protesting in disgust! So gross.

  • DC

    For people to use wild animals for their own lame entertainment really pissed me off. What would have happen if the lion somehow broke out of his cage and starting attacking people? guarantee you that it would be put down. Stupid celebrities really piss me off.

    • DC

      *really pisses me off

  • Rus

    That is so sad… as sad and pathetic as the people who created it. A live caged lion and a camel.. the party atmosphere would stress out these poor animals so much that they could hurt people if they snapped. Shame on them.