Justin Bieber’s Alleged Explicit Texts To Selena Gomez Hit The Internets


Despite Justin Bieber’s attempt to escape his personal/legal woes by getting out of town to enjoy a bit of skiing with his friends, it looks like controversy continues to rain down on The Biebs. Earlier today we learned that police found lots of drug paraphernalia when they raided his home last week and right now we learn that explicit texts and photos from JB have made their way online. To be clear, TMZ reported a few days ago that these alleged texts and photos from Justin Bieber have been FAKED but Radar Online has moved forward with their contention that the explicit texts and photos are genuine. They claim to have verified their validity. SO, read on to see what theses texts contain and see what you believe is real or fake.

In a bombshell exclusive, RadarOnline.com has obtained X-rated nude photos that a source claims a randy Bieber sent to on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez last week in the midst of a bitter texting fight where she called him “a drug addict” who needs to “go to rehab!” The messages, which RadarOnline.com has verified are real, were forwarded by a cellphone registered to Gomez’s stepfather, Brian Teefey, to one of her friends. And they begin innocently enough, before turning graphic. “Baby come on. I love you,” Bieber, 19, texted Gomez, inciting an angry backlash from the woman he’d been spotted on vacation with just a few weeks before. “I don’t buy that bullshit anymore,” Gomez snapped back. “I was honest with you and I gave you a second chance. All my friends were right, You’re such an a**hole.” Unabashed, the “Baby” hit-maker responded, “You’re all I need right now. I know I can make it right with you.” But that only made Gomez angrier. “U r a drug addict,” she responded in the text provided by a source. “U need help.” Then, he tried a different approach. “Come on,” Bieber wrote. “Don’t tell me you don’t miss this,” before apparently sending Gomez a photo of his erect penis. Bieber, who is left-handed, grabs his genitals with his left hand in the photo. “Stop it,” she texted. “You need to listen to Scooter [Braun, his manager] and go to rehab. U r sick.” As Radar has reported, members of Bieber’s camp have been urging the oft-troubled singer to enter treatment in the days following his alleged egging attack on his neighbor’s home. He is privately denying that he has any issues. In the messages, Bieber made his feelings on the issue clear. “Rehab? F*ck that!” he replied. “I make that f***er so much money,” before sending Gomez yet another penis pic, apparently unwilling to give up the chase. “Why r u sending these to me. We r done,” she insisted. “And how can u let [Lil Za] take the fall or your actions,” she continued, apparently referencing his BFF Lil Za’s arrest for drug possession after a police raid at Bieber’s home uncovered molly and Xanax ” in plain view.” Gomez continued, “U need to grow the f*ck up. I hope you get jail time [for the egging attack]. U deserve it at this point.” “F*CK YOU!!!!! I need to grow up?!” Bieber lashed back. “HA ok! Enjoy life with OUT ME B*TCH!!! F*ck you. F*ck Scooter. F*ck all y’all. IAM DONE!” … When word of the shocking leaked texts reached Bieber’s camp Friday, Radar has learned, Bieber insisted he had not sent them, leading to an erroneous online report labeling them “phony.”

Yes, in fact, days before Radar published this story, TMZ reported that the texts and photos are fake:

Justin Bieber has an saboteur in his camp … a guy who claims he has text messages that the singer sent to Selena Gomez and others … complete with pictures of his junk — but TMZ has learned the texts and pictures are bogus. The guy is trying to sell the texts to various media outlets through an intermediary. The alleged texts include an argument with Selena Gomez in which Bieber supposedly tells her to f off, and rejects her plea for him to go to rehab. In another text there are supposed conversations that Justin’s inner circle would stage an intervention at 11:30 last night. That didn’t happen, because the text is bogus. As for the penis photo, it was supposedly sent to Selena. The photo appears to taunt her — “Come on, don’t tell me you don’t miss this.” The response is: “Stop it. You need to listen to Scooter and go to rehab. u r sick.” Justin texts back: “F**k you. F**k scooter. F**k all y’all I AM DONE!” He also says, “Can’t hear you over my cash, babe!” You’re only famous cuz of me.” Sources who are privy to the situation tell TMZ … these texts are all phony and someone who is actually in Bieber’s world has turned on him.

With gossip like this, it’s hard to believe what is real and what is fake … so I guess we’ll have to rely on our best judgement and Bieber’s track record to determine what we choose to believe. I’m on the fence, to be honest. I can absolutely believe that these are the kinds of conversations that JB would have with friends (or Selena Gomez) via text. Sadly, I can believe the context of the penis picture as well. Then again, I can also absolutely believe how something like this could easily be faked for profit. The thing we know for sure is that Bieber’s world is starting to fall apart. Whether it’s from reported drug use or a general unraveling, it seems clear to me that things may get worse before they get better for young master Bieber. At this point, I don’t believe that Justin has any idea what consequences are. It seems to me that he has enjoyed years of getting away with whatever he wants. Thus far, he has managed to get away with things that haven’t really resulted in anything substantial. But if reports of his drug use are true and if evidence of his bad behavior has gotten out of his hands, then something of substance is bound to come out and bite him seriously on the ass. As always, we’ll have to see how this will play out. Bit by bit, tho, we may bear witness to the eventual crumbling of Justin Bieber’s empire … and person.

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  • roxy

    He is no where near rock bottom. If he an addict, that is what usually turns them around. Perhaps that was the hand Eminem was offering JB – to teach from experience, so JB didn’t have to follow the same path he did. As sad as it is, addicts have to learn the hard way, and all the money in the world isn’t going to change that fact. The sadder part is all the money in the world can be frittered away by fueling the addiction and when the destruction starts, it can be like dominoes and take down everything and everyone around. If the texts are real, Selena is very mature and wise indeed. You can love an addict but choose to not be involved in their destruction so it doesn’t affect you. Loving an addict is painful, but they are the only ones who can help themselves. All the love in the world won’t get through to them, because as long as they have validation (which JB gets through his “friends” and fans) they don’t think they have problem. It shields them from the reality of the eventual truth. Blogs, comments and internet articles don’t mean anything to him, even though they all say the same thing. Until addicts admit they have a problem and need help, they will continue to go down the path of destruction while everyone who cares about them can do nothing but watch. He is a speeding train and he will one day one out of track. If he survives, that is when the healing can begin.

  • CC

    If these were truly from Justin’s phone (sent to Selena), then the name at the top of the screen would say “Selena” (or whatever name he chose for her in his phone contacts). This photo has the name “Justin” on top, which is what Selena would see on her screen if she sent these to him–not the other way around.

    • @CC — Radar says the texts were “forwarded by a cellphone registered to Gomez’s stepfather, Brian Teefey, to one of her friends.” So ….

    • CC

      Whoops. Guess it pays to read the details, LOL.

  • Jake

    When it comes to stuff like this, TMZ is usually on their game. So I would be more apt to believe them in this situation.

    • @Jake — Yep, I agree.

    • Emily Lange

      also I would think celebs have different names for their contacts incase their phones get hacked…no?

    • @Emily Lange — Surprisingly, they don’t. They may not use last names in contacts but from my experience, they do use real first names. Of course, I can’t say that they all do but from my personal experience, yes, some do.

  • Liebchen

    True or false, I just find it hard that Bieber would actually take the time to spell things out correctly, apostrophes and all! He strikes me as the type that would spell words with “Zs” at the end or those incredibly annoying one letter words (“u,” instead of “you). If only to look “hip” and “gangsta” or whatever it is kids are labeling it nowadays.

  • Sam

    I hate to be the one who looks at linguistics…but usually people don’t alternate between texting “you” and “u” or “are” and “r”. Who ever made this up should seriously learn to pay attention to details. Plus, if its “real” why were the pictures left out? Don’t media people like Radar and TMZ like leaking stuff like that? I’m calling it…

    • @Sam — I tend to believe TMZ’s assertion that the text/images are fake but in regards to your question “Plus, if its “real” why were the pictures left out? Don’t media people like Radar and TMZ like leaking stuff like that?”, the threat of a major lawsuit has hindered the release of these kinds of leaked images.

  • OG Emily

    Gah, I want them to be real but it’s all screaming false to me. It reads like a middle-aged male gossip hound imagining what Justin would say, too many cliches in there, too many parodies of Justin. Plus, as another reader said, they are grammatically correct – I don’t buy it FOR A SECOND (though I really wish it was true.)