‘Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With Daddy Issues,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments


Okay, let’s all pretend it’s still Sunday night and I’m posting this one time… and not falling asleep on the couch trying to watch Flowers In The Attic. LOL! I so meant to get this round-up posted last night but had a looong day that involved a really fun birthday party for one of my son’s friends. And BTW– if any of you have been trying to come up with a cool theme for a 5 year-old’s birthday party, these folks “rented” a mad scientist and it was awesome! All of the cupcakes were labeled according to the periodic chart, and we friggen launched a rocket, LMAO. Fun was had. And I was kinda wiped out by the end of it, so forgive me for getting this up late, and click inside for more!

PITNBr janalynn22 had some great thoughts on last week’s Revenge episode, and also a new title for the show:

I’m not feeling this whole Niko storyline. It’s not even that she and Aiden are getting it on (Which directs Emily back to Jack!). It just doesn’t seem to fit, and Emily trusted her immediately. This episode seemed very forced to me.

And with the Niko addition, I do feel like the show could be renamed: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman with Daddy Issues. Kinda long, but pretty much fits almost all the female characters, as well as some males :)

PITNBr Dennis had us all rolling with this comment about the new Kanye West religion, Yeezianity:

I’m fairly sure the savior of the world would have the divine insite to have avoided that pesky parking lot sign. Just sayin.

PITNBr Cee totally captured Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s entire career and rise to hotness/feminism, with this one comment:

Until recently I found it hard to distinguish between JGL as the long-haired teen alien in 3rd Rock (which I loved as a kid) and Heath Ledger’s offsider in 10 Things I hate About You (which I might have to watch today) to about (500) Days of Summer, which I didn’t enjoy but that was due to other reasons. Since being cast in Inception, Looper and The Dark Knight Rises etc, I have a new-found respect for someone who managed to get through the awkwardness of growing up on screen to a dreamboat who is creative, clearly has a thought in his brain and.. uhh yeah, sexy as hell.

PITNBr Ariel Echeverria joined in on the discussion about Madonna’s use of the word “nigga” towards her son, and made a great point:

my guess is the boy wishes he was black! and was a comment that should’ve remained in her circle. i think the usage of the word as something cool should stop!! but as long as rappers don’t stop, the white kids or anyone who loves them will keep using it!!

Also, I’m gonna take this moment to post that hilarious Key & Peele sketch one more time, so we can stop having these ridiculous discussions about whether or not it’s cool for non-persons of color to use the word:


PITNBr Mela had this to say about Miley Cyrus’s new haircut:

Lol at the Jim Carrey picture. I would have said Mo from the Three Stooges.

PITNBr Gillian, this is exactly how I felt about the Justin Bieber/egging situation:

Ohhh man! Is Ashton Kutcher hiding in the bushes wearing a trucker hat? Did anyone check? Is JB being Punk’d right now? A battering ram for eggs? EGGS! This is gloooorious! Can we please get the footage of JB crying like a little bitch cause his house is being searched? We allllll know that’s what he is doing right now

PITNBr MeshaJ commented on the over-the-top ridiculousness of Blue Ivy’s zoo-themed birthday party (which may or may not been Beyoncé‘s zoo-themed birthday party):

Was this a party for Blue Ivy or Beyonce?

PITNBr Paul made an excellent observation about this whole Wonder Woman debacle, and I was all Yassss:

One of these days, someone is going to do Wonder Woman, it will take off in popularity, and leave people scratching their heads about why in the world did it take so long for someone to adapt one of the 3 biggest comic book characters of all time in an age when people are doing movies adapting such minor characters as Ant-Man or Jonah Hex. You would think Wonder Woman would be a no brainer. You bring in Lynda Carter to play Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mom and the rest just falls into place

PITNBr OG Emily joined in on a great discussion we had about the new show Friday Night Tykes. If you haven’t watched, OMG. Please do. Anyway, Emily schooled us on the relationship between the trophy-making industry and children’s sports:

@fab4runner – regarding your “who is responsible for all the trophies” question … I have answer. Believe it or not, blame the trophy-making complex (yes, that’s a real thing.) Heard a report on NPR that said this all started in the late 60s, when the trophy-making companies wanted more business. They suggested people get “participatory trophies” and things like that so they could sell 30 to a team instead of 1 or 2. What seemed to be an innocent raise in sales then totally changed our culture. I agree with you, it’s ruining kids and totally not preparing them for the “real world.” Everyone calling into NPR said the same thing.

I also want to thank all of the readers from Texas/football country who commented– it was great to hear your perspective on the question of children and competitive sports.

Y’all. It’s Monday, and I’ll be talking with the boys about Martin Luther King, Jr. for the first time today. I’ll also be talking about his so-called counterpart Malcolm X, so wish me luck, lol! And enjoy the holiday.

Oh, and let me give one final shouts-out to PITNBr randomdreamer01. We had been tweeting like cray about Fruitvale Station which I finally saw (it’s on Amazon Instant Video and DVD now– a great MLK day movie if you haven’t seen it), and we started getting Twitter-stalked by the movie ITSELF! No seriously, they favorited, like, 8 of our tweets. It was awkward. LMAO. Here’s one:


Here’s one more:



  • randomdreamer01

    LOL Shannon, the Fruitvale movie twitter account totally stalked us! When I saw that they favourited our tweets, I just went “WHATTTTT?!?!”

    • Shannon

      randomdreamer01, like I said it was awkward. We just need to stay humble and try not to let all this fame and fortune go to our heads.

  • janalynn22

    Ah! Thanks for the shout out, Shannon. You just made my week!!! :)

  • OG Emily

    Shannon, I hope you schooled everyone at the party about the trophy industrial complex, lol. But seriously though, a mad scientist party sounds AWESOME.