Justin Bieber’s Confiscated Cell Phone May Be Full Of Drug References And Naked Photos


Man, 2014 is starting off with all kinds of craziness for Justin Bieber. If we thought he was a hot mess last year, it’s looking like all those spitting incidents and Anne Frank controversies are going to pale in comparison to what’s going on right now. On Tuesday Bieber’s house was raided by hella police following a very serious… um egging incident. Now the truth is, it sounds ridiculous, but Bieber reportedly caused over $20,000 in damages when he egged his neighbor’s house, so this could be a pretty big deal. And now that cops have his phone– and his BFF was arrested for possession of cocaine– Beiber is reportedly worried that they might find references to drugs and… wait for it… naked pictures in his phone. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the deets:

Justin Bieber is worried about what cops are going to find on his cell phone, but we’re told his issues involve nakedness and drugs … not so much eggs.

Law enforcement sources tell us … when they searched Justin’s house Tuesday, they seized his cell phone … took it right out of his hot little hands. Sources say cops are interested in texts that could incriminate him. Cops want to see if he texted someone after the fact and bragged about the egging. One law enforcement source called it a “text high 5.”

Sources tell us … he’s concerned more about drug discussions and references. Even if cops find drug references, Justin’s in the clear given there’s no physical evidence — nonetheless J.B. is afraid it will leak out.

We’re told he’s also concerned that there are naked photos in his phone, although we don’t know if they’re action shots, selfies, etc.

And we’re not even going to mention bad grammar.

LMAO. Yo. The world does not need any more Justin Beiber nekkid pictures. Seriously… but at the same time… it would be kinda hilarious if they leaked.

Now as far as the drug stuff– this could get interesting. Lil’ Za’s arrest says a lot. Like some of you mentioned, he could have been covering for Bieber. And even if he wasn’t, I’m of the opinion that you usually are the company you keep. So, I’d assume that Bieber certainly has some kind of connection to the drugs… AKA… yeah. Those were probably his drugs.

I can’t help but wonder how his fans will react if it’s confirmed that he um does the nose candy (do they still call it “nose candy”?) and whether or not it will effect his career in a negative way. We’ll have to see it how it all goes down!


  • Alecia

    Remember when Vanilla Ice said the Biebs would crash and burn a couple years ago and everyone decried him for hating? On behalf of America, I apologize Mr. Van Winkle. You were right. Word to Biebs mama.

  • Gillian

    If I wanted to see Justin Bieber naked, I’d just look at a naked Ken doll. I am fairly confident there is nothing substantial going on down there.
    In terms of his career… I really hope this hurts it. I would love for JB to disappear and never come back. JB may have put himself in a bit of career limbo. He behaved poorly, and pre-teens parents may find him to be a bad example – no longer buying his movies, CDs, or concert tickets. He also hasn’t behaved bad enough to fit in with the bad boys club – eggs? (so lame) and drugs? (nothing special or original)
    Unfortunately a lot of his fans are bat-shit-cray and will defend him with the power of a 1000 dying suns… Until that group grows up or moves on, we shall be stuck with him for a looooong time. Sigh!

  • Katy

    Justin needs to call Leif Garrett and have a heart-to-heart. Or look at David Cassidy’s most recent fugly mugshot.

    • @Katy — haha

    • Krissy

      I think if the Jonas Brothers were kind they would give him a call and break the news…”we are your future, dude.”

  • roxy

    Despite his “talent”, he is as dumb as rocks with no box. Either that or drugs has him disconnected from reality in a way that egging a neighbors house sounds like a good plan, especially considering he might have something to hide from a LAPD RAID. He said he was retiring, but he is still popping up in the headlines because of his stupid antics. Any parent who thinks he is a good role model for their kids is as dumb as he seems to be, but then, the general news just gets weirder every day, so maybe his misbehavior is an indication that our society at large is in degradation. Woe be it that JB is signature of ANYTHING. Maybe a bust will help him sort his life out, but then, I look at other child stars that have imploded and that may be only empty hope.

  • al

    I said it before but it seems like Justin is headed for a meltdown in similar comparison to Britney Spears..the difference between the two is Britney is generally well liked, if Justin’s career fails he’s not coming back. Someone better call Usher

  • Shiny

    He’s still a kid, he has a lot to learn. These child stars are surrounded by the worst kinds of people. Hope he learns some humility but… I doubt it.