Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Za Was Arrested For A Second Time After His First Drug Possession Arrest


In the wake of a police raid on Justin Bieber’s home early yesterday, JB’s BFF Lil Za (real name Xavier Smith) was arrested for drug possession during the police search of Bieber’s home. At the time, it was reported that Za got busted in possession of cocaine but today we are hearing that it’s likely the drug he was holding was not cocaine but may have been powdered MDMA and Xanax. That’s the good news. The bad news for Lil Za is that the moron got arrested for a second time while he was in police custody yesterday afternoon. Apparently, just before he was due to be released on bail, Za smashed a telephone where he was being held and got his ass busted for the second time in the same day, this time for vandalism. SMH.

Justin Bieber’s pal Lil Za pulled a double — getting arrested for a SECOND TIME Tuesday … while STILL under arrest, and it’s all over a shattered phone … TMZ has learned. Sources tell us Za was minutes from posting bail and getting released from custody after getting busted for drug possession at Bieber’s house this morning — and then for some reason he flipped out and smashed a phone in the jailhouse. We’re told Za was almost immediately re-booked for vandalism. Best of all, depending on the value of the phone … this could also be a felony — to go along with his felony drug bust.

Geniuses. Justin Bieber’s crew is full of bona fide geniuses. I mean, I get that it is probably very upsetting to get arrested for drug possession while police where searching the house you were sleeping in while they were looking for evidence in an egg-throwing incident … but to express your rage at the unfairness of the world by committing acts of vandalism INSIDE A POLICE STATION WHERE YOU ARE BEING HELD ON CRIMINAL CHARGES is not the wisest course of action. Because Lil Za isn’t as famous as Justin Bieber, he could likely really get into trouble for his actions … tho, I get the sense that Za and his compatriots will look at this arrest as part of his bad ass street cred. Throwing eggs, possessing drugs and smashing phones … bad ass, indeed.


  • Gillian

    Lil Za (seriously? Why go with that name?) must be getting one heck of a large cheque from the bank of JB. Guaranteed he took the fall for Justin. I do not doubt for a moment that those drugs were in Justin’s house without his knowledge or permission. Lil Za (the name gets more ridiculous every time I hear it) better smarten up quick. I will not be shocked if the egg throwing incident consequences end up on him instead of JB too. Then we will see just how bad ass he really is when he ends up as someone else’s bitch in prison.

    • Alecia

      I agree completely, Gillian. This is stupidity at its finest.

  • Krissy

    I have to wonder if there was something on that phone (video or pictures) that would make him want to destroy it.

  • Brenna Fender

    “,,,,bad ass, indeed.”

    Well, I agree with the “ass” part.


  • Sabrina

    Ugh who raises these boys?! I know the parent can only do so much but still. I am 27 and still scared of my dad.

    • OG Emily

      @Sabrina, I’m assuming tho your dad isn’t on your payroll. Seems once parents get houses and allowances from their kids they lose all ability to parent properly.

  • Serenity

    This whole incident is reminding me of this boy from my old dorm. He was always strutting, always talking big, but when consequences were headed toward his door, he was all, “My parents will kill me! My life will be ruined! Wah! Wah! Wah!” And because he was surrounded by morons, somebody always covered for him.

    That’s how I’m picturing Biebs right now: so bad when he’s safely locked in his vehicle, or when he thinks he won’t get caught in the dark while egging a house, but hint that he might need to be accountable? Oh, no, bro! Come on, bro: cover for me! Wah! Wah!