The Time Has Come


My first full day back home from my crazy weekend of running was a really slow one for me. As I mentioned yesterday, I fear I may have started to come down with something but honestly, because I’m so sore from all that running, I can’t be sure. I’m feeling a bit better today and less sore so that’s a good sign. I spent most of my day working on tedious paperwork so that wasn’t fun at all. Today, tho, I’m going to treat myself to a LONG overdue massage. After I run marathons, I always say I should get a massage but I never do. After my long run on Sunday, I ponied up for a 20 minute massage and loved every second of it. I decided that I really need to indulge in a longer treatment so my plan for later today is to get rubbed in the best way possible.

You’d think that I’d make time to get massages all the time what with all the crazy running I do but I just never get around to it. I’m so used to the running torture that it usually only takes me about 2 days to get back to normal after a run … and by then, I’m not thinking about massages any more. This time around, yeah, I’m making the time. That’s pretty much all I got for right now. I think I’m going to lie low for as long as possible now that my crazy travel schedule is over. I haven’t been home much in a very long time so I’m gonna settle down for a while and stay put. I do have one quick little trip to LV scheduled for the end of the month but other than that, I am really hoping to do a whole lotta nothing here at home. I hope your Tuesday is going well :D

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  • schmee

    Rubbed in the best possible way? Oh Trent, while a massage is nice it cant be the best rub… just saying :)

    • @schmee — TRUST ME. After running a 5K, a 10K, a half and a full marathon, the BEST rub ever is the one that works your legs and feet :D

  • Ale

    I meant to ask earlier- how did your new mizuno kicks work out?

    • @Ale — OMG, the Mizunos have been a GODSEND! The support has helped my feet considerably. I am a believer. No more blisters, no more ankle or tendon pain. Thank YOU for the suggestion … my feet are so thankful :)