Terry Richardson Photographs His Naked BFF Jared Leto In Tulum


Hot on the heels of his Golden Globes win for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club comes this new set of photos of a nekkid Jared Leto vacationing in Tulum. The photos were shot by Jared’s BFF Terry Richardson and have been shared on his official site. It’s unknown if the photos were taken in the days since Leto appeared at the Golden Globes here in LA Sunday night to collect his award or if they were shot on a previous trip but they’re still worth a look, I think. When last we saw photos of Jared shot by Terry, he was still super skinny due to the weight he lost to play his award-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club. I think you’ll agree that he looks much hotter and much healthier in these photos. Enjoy!

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    His eyes!!!