‘The Thought Of Men In Beards That Aren’t Ironic Hipsters…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNBr Comments This Week


The year 2014 is in full swing and so is awards season. I’m writing this after an epic night of live-tweeting the Golden Globe Awards, and I had a total blast ogling the red carpet fashion and mainly freaking the freak out over Kerry Washington’s baby bump. This was an interesting week in pop culture, with Mindy Kaling’s Elle cover controversy, Meryl Streep’s epic Walt Disney rant and a Throwback Thursday that made us all feel hella old. Let’s relive the magic with some of the week’s best comments! Click inside for more!

PITNBr Caroline says Prince Harry’s beard must stay:

You know, it’s negative 12 in Chicago right now. The only thing that brings me joy – besides wine while watching the Bachelor in 2 hours – is the thought of men in beards that aren’t ironic hipsters. Prince Harry is the prince, nay, king of them. Rebel Harry! Throw your razor in the Thames!

PITNBr Paul had me cracking up with this silly quip about the Kellan Lutz video we saw:

I guess it should be no surprise Kellan Lutz can pick up girls.

PITNBr Ashen made some strong points in our ongoing conversation about Mindy Kaling’s Elle cover:

It really is a lose- lose situation on the one hand there is the whole Elle picturing a full top to bottom shot for the cover on the other hand there is the internets way of calling attention which can be seen as negative in itself.

However, it’s Mindy and other like her who are caught in between the crosshairs. I’m sure Mindy was excited to have the cover. She probably had some say in which picture was chosen and the controversy has made what was an accomplishment something less.

I’m glad there are people standing up for us fuller figured women, but sometimes a battle fought on good intentions does more harm to those who we are fighting for. We’ve all seen the documentaries and behind the scenes videos of celebrities getting the cover of a magazine, theexcitement and honor they feel for being chosen.

I can only imagine after feeling you’ve accomplished something like and waiting to share with your fans that to have there be public backlash must hurt on some level…

PITNBr Tarah apparently loves Revenge more than pretty much everyone else. The death of the throne really hit her hard:

I’m not gonna lie a piece of my heart broke when Lydia spilled the wine on the throne. I have a table runner and placemats that have the exact same pattern as “the Throne” so a part of me always felt like I was connected to it and the power it holds. When it was dragged away at the end, I was surprised on how sad I was over a chair. RIP the Throne!

PITNBr shadowcatt loved the photo of Poussey from Orange Is The New Black in the new Elle spread:

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but Poussey is looking so HOT!!!

And finally, this was not a comment on the site but I just have to share. So, when we first saw Beyoncé‘s Yonce video a couple of weeks back, PITNBr Devonte wrote the following:

I keep thinking “Yonce” but I keep saying “Vonte” for some reason…it’s weird… hmmm…

I thought this was hilarious, but was ill-prepared for what happened a few days later. I hope he doesn’t mind, but I HAVE to share this photo from his Instagram:


@Shannonmhouston did you think this was a game?! Lol

You can imagine how much I died over this. Am currently still dying. So there’s that.

And I also want to thank every one of you for all of your super-sweet comments about baby Josev– we seriously appreciate all of the lurve over here. You guys are the best.

It’s been quite a night– between the Globes and Revenge I am just wiped out. Didn’t even get to The Good Wife but I suspect it was an awesome episode. But this is the part where I go the eff to sleep… LOL.

Nobody call me!

  • Devonte Antonio

    Oh, I most DEF don’t mind. And if anyone is curious I made and ordered this at Spreadshirt.com

  • OG Emily

    Devonte for the win! Amazing. Are those Beyonce lyrics? (Since I’m on a Beyonce boycott I don’t know and have to ask.)
    Next pic = that sweatshirt + wind machines

    • Devonte Antonio

      I don’t have enough hair for the wind machines…yet…

    • OG Emily

      @devonte – unacceptable. Make it WERQ.