Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Compass & Fool Tattoos


Early last month we learned that Justin Bieber got inked again … today we learn that he got inked again, again since. Apparently, JB took time out of his bizzy schedule of pelting his neighbor’s house with eggs to pay a visit to his tattoo artist to get two new tattoo designs inked on his body. This time around, The Biebs got a compass tattooed on his upper arm and a fool tattooed on his forearm and he shared photos of his new ink on his official Instagram profile. Yeah, I dunno … I guess these are cool or something. Have a look below.

New tat / colored in

I am assuming there is some deep meaning behind the compass tattoo … the (love) fool tattoo, well, I’m gonna guess that one is Selena Gomez-related. JB still has a lot of bare flesh left leaving him plenty of room for more tattoos. If he continues on schedule, he should be getting new pair of tats next month. Any guesses what they might be?

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  • Katy

    Of course he got a fool; it’s a self-portrait.

    • Alecia

      Comment of the week right here!

  • LinnĂ©a

    Justin. No. What are you doing?! Justin. Staph!

  • roxy

    He likes graffiti and is using his skin as a living canvas. What’s next? Google images: “gangsta egg tattoos”.