Watch: Mindy Kaling Says We All Need To Stop Trying To See Her ‘Beautiful Fat Body’


By now many of you have probably heard about Mindy Kaling’s Elle Magazine cover controversy. In case ya missed it, Elle did the thing that they’ve done before (along with other magazines) where they put a non-super-skinny person on the cover and made sure we didn’t see any of that person’s body. People (AKA the interwebs) flipped out in response. But what’s interesting is that Mindy Kaling herself has come out in defense of the cover and is opening up more about her issue with those of us who thought we were supporting her by criticizing Elle magazine. I think she makes some really strong points about how the so-called outrage only seemed to bring more negative attention to her body, which isn’t necessarily something anybody would want. Peep the video above to hear what she said in an interview on Late Show With David Letterman.


  • Fifi4life

    I totally get her point, it could be seen as a back handed compliment. However, this to me doesn’t negate the fact that Elle, who is a second time offender, and the other fashion mags do this to every woman on their covers who are over a certain size. The same thing has been done to Melissa McCarthy, Gabrielle Sidibe and Adele, to name a few.

    I do think it’s a beautiful pic of Mindy though.

  • superjosh

    If it weren’t also black and white it would have fit in with the other covers at least a little bit, but as it is it’s completely out of theme… which is curious.

    However, Mindy is absolutely hilarious about it while also making great points.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I absolutely love Mindy and that cover is stunning. I also think it is weird that they made her cover in black and white and the other 3 are in color. That makes no sense to me.

    Most importantly, I would say that Mindy has the best cover out of the 4 covers. So at least it looks awesome, controversy aside.

  • OG Emily

    Mindy is amazing. She can do no wrong. If she loves the cover than good for her. I agree, she looks stunning, and I see what she’s saying here, but I still think it was a major misstep by Elle – fine, you don’t want a full body shot – then at least use COLOR.

    That said, Mindy uses her body for humor a lot. On the Mindy Project it’s a regular punch line, but not in an obnoxious way. I just think she deals with body issues like most women in the States do – she’s aware she’s not stick thin, she’s willing to accept it, and she loves her body in the end. Inspiration for a lot of us I think.

  • Megan

    She does make good points, but lets be real. Her body shape and skin coloring are exactly why that is a black and white face shot. I can see why she is just happy that it’s such a flattering picture, but there is most definitely a bigger issue here. Elle doesn’t want to put something on their cover that does not adhere to their very limited definition of beauty.

  • Ashen

    It really is a lose- lose situation on the one hand there is the whole Elle picturing a full top to bottom shot for the cover on the other hand there is the internets way of calling attention which can be seen as negative in itself.

    However, it’s Mindy and other like her who are caught in between the crosshairs. I’m sure Mindy was excited to have the cover. She probably had some say in which picture was chosen and the controversy has made what was an accomplishment something less.

    I’m glad there are people standing up for us fuller figured women, but sometimes a battle fought on good intentions does more harm to those who we are fighting for. We’ve all seen the documentaries and behind the scenes videos of celebrities getting the cover of a magazine, the excitement and honor they feel for being chosen.

    I can only imagine after feeling you’ve accomplished something like and waiting to share with your fans that to have there be public backlash must hurt on some level.

    I just wish there was a better way of going about these things. I feel bad for those caught in the middle.

  • Iris B

    I really do adore Mindy. I see the injustice of her cover and I understand what she means. Not only does she have to take the high road, but she is totally slamming on the cover, and it’s an unfortunate case of b.s.

  • Franki

    I love Mindy but I think I can summarize what most of us are thinking, “something is icky about the way her Elle cover is …different”