Race 3 Of 4: The Walt Disney World Half Marathon


Welp, I’ve run 3 of my 4 races this weekend and while I’m happy about the accomplishment, I’m trying DESPERATELY not to think about the fact that tomorrow’s 4th and final race will be LONGER than the 3 races I’ve run thus far. OY! But, we’re not talking about that right now … right now we’re talking about how I just ran the 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Last night, I grabbed dinner with my friend Joel, his wife Stephanie and their son Court to carbo load for today’s race … then I was up at 3AM again to hit the streets of Walt Disney World to run another 13.1 miles. I met a PITNB reader from Detroit and got medaled by my dear friend Aurora … plus I got to take photos with a bunch of really great Disney characters so … all in all, it’s been a pretty sweet day thus far.

This was my second WDW Half Marathon and I think it was better than my first. I knew what to expect this time around so I made sure to take photos with the characters that I really wanted to (particularly the rare characters that we don’t usually get to see in the parks):

Stopping for photos eats into my time but I’m not running races at Disney to set any records. Part of the fun is getting to run in the parks, yes, but it’s also getting to get photos with some of our beloved Disney characters. Darkwing Duck was a nice surprise for me, I’ve never seen him in person before so that was a score. I couldn’t help but hug Winnie the Pooh … yes, I’m 5 years old. The humidity was KILLER today. I was pretty drenched in sweat by mile 3 (and remained so for the rest of the run) but the fact that the sky remained cloudy (therefore hiding the sun from sucking out all of our energy) was a nice plus. I tried to take it easy to save my legs for tomorrow cuz, yeah, the soreness is starting to make itself known. I expect tomorrow will be a challenge but … I’ve come this far, ain’t no stopping now. What doesn’t kill me … will likely leave me a cripple. But oh, I’m having fun in the meantime :)

Last night I had a great dinner with Joel and his family …

… and this morning in my starting corral, I met PITNB reader Maureen from Detroit, MI! Meeting her first thing in the morning really made my day. We talked for a bit before we had to get down to the business of running our half marathons. I’m hoping she will run the Detroit Marathon in the Fall so hopefully we can meet up again :) My girl Aurora was at the finish line handing out medals so it was a nice treat getting medaled by her.

I have one more race left — the Walt Disney World Marathon aka the big enchilada. As much fun as I’m having, I’m really looking forward to this weekend being over, hahaha.

I’m gonna try to get to a couple of Disney parks this afternoon before I have to eat my face off and go back to bed to rest up for tomorrow. If I ever talk about doing this crazy Dopey Challenge again, someone please slap me silly. Thanks. Happy Saturday!!

  • OG Emily

    Darkwing Duck!? Your fourth race will be amazing Trent – you’ve got the power of Darkwing with you! I’ll be rooting for you – you’re going to kill it and have a great time on the process, I just know it,

  • Ashley

    Man oh man Trent, you are a superstar for finishing all four of these races this weekend. You are such an inspiration and can’t wait to read the final recap. :)

  • colleen

    You can do it Trent! This is an awesome accomplishment (when finished). You’ll be so proud of yourself once you do it. I was thinking about not running today, but after reading this post I will get off my duff and get out there! Thanks for the motivation.