The Lindsay Lohan Docu-Series Will Debut On OWN In March


Last year we learned that Lindsay Lohan teamed up (and butted heads) with Oprah Winfrey to star in a documentary TV series (docu-series) that will chronicle her life after rehab set to air on Winfrey’s OWN television network. Today we learn not only what the docu-series will be titled but we also learn when, exactly, we can expect to see the show debut on TV. Additionally, we learn of a report regarding Lindsay NOT being welcome to attend Britney Spears’s Las Vegas show despite the fact that she, apparently, wants to attend. That’s right folks, we got facts AND rumor regarding Lindsay Lohan all in the same post. Hurrah!

OWN has picked up another drama series from Tyler Perry and set premiere dates for three other series, including unscripted skeins revolving around Lindsay Lohan and Deion Sanders … “Lindsay,” a docu series following actress Lohan (pictured) as she emerges from another court-ordered stint in rehab will bow March 9. Craig Piligian exec produces for his Pilgrim Studios along with Nicholas Caprio and Johnny Gould.

Lindsay is a nice, simple name. It works. As for the show, yeah, I can’t wait to see it, to be honest. I’ll be tuning in to OWN to watch Lindsay debut. Even if it sucks, it’s bound to be worth watching. Now, regarding that report about L. Lo being banned from Britney’s show … this is what In Touch Weekly has to say:

Although Lindsay Lohan is a Britney Spears superfan, she won’t be attending her Las Vegas show anytime soon! In Touch can reveal that the actress has been forbidden from going to see Britney perform at Planet Hollywood during her two-year residency. “Lindsay has always been a big fan of Britney and would love to attend a show,” a source tells In Touch. “But there’s no way she would ever get on the VIP list, because Brit’s dad [and conservator, Jamie Spears] has a strict ‘No Lindsay’ rule.” It’s a policy the 32-year-old’s father has tried to enforce since 2007, when the former pals were partying together in the LA club scene. “Jamie always felt that Lindsay was a bad influence on Britney,” the source discloses to In Touch. “He wants to keep Britney on the straight and narrow, and that means not being around Lindsay ever again.”

Ouch. Honestly, as ridiculous and unbelievable as this may sound, it makes sense to me. Britney has kept far and away from any and all bad influences (at least publicly) since her recovery so it seems wise that any potential bad influences be banned from her Vegas show. Papa Jamie Spears means business. He stepped in and helped save his daughter’s life. I can honestly believe that he would want to continue to protect his daughter, even now. Sorry, Linds, maybe you can go see Katy Perry’s Vegas show instead?

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  • Brenna Fender

    It looks like Lindsay could buy a ticket to go and see the show like everyone else. She just can’t get on the VIP list. I’m guessing, though, that she doesn’t do things like buy tickets to shows like regular people. LOL!

    Wonder how much longer Britney’s conservatorship will go on?

  • Cee

    Ironically, one of her “friends in ‘high’ places will get her tickets under some pseudonym and we’ll be more likely to see Lindsay get onto the VIP list, into the gig and then carted out by security, kicking and screaming that ‘you don’t know who I am’.

  • nicole

    alright fine..i’ll be the one to say it – in that thumbnail picture, Lindsay looks…..pretty damn good. (by lindsay lohan standards).