Race 2 Of 4: The Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K


Early this morning I got up, got out and ran the first ever Walt Disney World 10K race which was race 2 of the 4 races I’m running for the Dopey Challenge here at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL this weekend. Yesterday, I grabbed food with a couple of good friends after I ran my last race and rested up as much as possible for my run today. Altho I’m half done running my individual races, I’m nowhere NEAR halfway done with all the miles I’ll have to run cumulatively. OY! Still, I’m having fun here at WDW so, really, that’s all that matters :D

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with my friend Joel and then enjoyed dinner with my friend Aurora at her favorite place to eat here at WDW, a place called Boma inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was great getting to spend time with both Joel and Aurora because all I’ve been doing here otherwise is run, work and sleep.

Earlier this morning, I got up at 4AM ahead of today’s 10K race which was a really fun run:

I ran a pretty great pace but, of course, I had to stop for photos with some of the Disney characters on the course. After the race was finished, the most popular characters were available for photos so basically, I turned into a big kid all over again:

I ran into another friend, Karolyn, at the afterrace afterparty. I first met Karolyn when I ran my first Disney race ever at the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2012. I ran into her at the Malibu Marathon and then the New Year’s Race last weekend. She’s like my race twin :D

Today I hope to get out and enjoy one of the parks … that is if I don’t sleep the day away. Tomorrow the real fun begins when I run the WDW Half Marathon. 13.1 miles of PURE JOY, I tells ya ;) I think I have this Dopey Challenge handled but time will tell. After today’s run, I am starting to feel a tiny bit of soreness and stiffness so … it’s game on. Hope I don’t die. Hope you have a great Friday — and weekend ahead :D