Beyoncé And Kelly Rowland Crash A Karaoke Party In Miami


You are sooo about to regret not going to the Sing Sing Karaoke bar in Miami the other night. Soooo going to regret it. Because– true story– Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland were there (sans shade, I assume) for no particular reason and totally crashed a karaoke party for no particular reason, and well. Yeah. I’m gonna start doing karaoke, LOL. Click inside for more!

First of all, can we talk about the fact that you can now rent your own karaoke room and party with your friends there? Insane.

So, here’s what happened. These three girls were partying their asses off in their private karaoke room to the point where one of them even passed out, and in walked Beyoncé and Kelly. Just as the girls were singing Bey’s Party. LMAO. Here’s what the Karaoke bar posted:




Insane, right?

Now my absolute favorite picture in the world is that first one. Can you imagine being the friend who passed out?! WTF? You wake up later like, ‘Oh, man. Did anything happen while I was asleep?‘ LMAO! Fail. Epic, epic fail. But such a great story to tell the kiddies. Love it.

OMG, an even BETTER pic of passed out girl, with Bey and Kelly! Thanks PITNBr Fifi4life!

The worst:



  • BGLU Tia

    *Gets up with mic in hand ready to belt out Party.
    Beyonce walks in.
    Places mic back on the stand and has a seat because…yeah*

    And I can GUARANTEE they’re not friends with the girl who was passed out. Because they weren’t really friends to begin with. If you’re somewhere and BEYONCE!!!! walks in and you don’t do everything humanly possible to make your friend aware of this once in a lifetime opportunity, then we weren’t really homies to begin with…and now you know. LOL!!

    • Fifi4life

      LMAO, you speak the truth!

  • Fifi4life

    There is also a pic with Beyonce and Kelly posing for a pic with the sleeping friend. Now That’s an epic fail for her, poor girl, lol.

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life, THANK YOU! I love it!