Race 1 Of 4: The Disney Family Fun Run 5K


Early this morning I began the task that brought me to Orlando, FL this weekend … I ran the first of four races as part of The Dopey Challenge here at Walt Disney World. As I mentioned before, I will be running four races on sequential days this weekend and today I ran the first of those races. Today’s race was the shortest and, therefore, the easiest of the races. Click below to see some photos that I snapped while running the Disney Family Fun Run 5K.

Because today’s race was only 3.1 miles, I was able to complete it with a great time even tho I stopped a few times to take photos with some characters along the race route. This 5K race took place entirely on the Epcot Center grounds. We did a bit of running in the massive Epcot parking lot and then made our way into the park, running around the perimeter of the big body of water in the middle of the park. I ran at a very quick pace and managed to complete my 5K run in about 24 minutes. Not too shabby. After the race, there were opportunities to take photos with some of the most famous Disney characters so I had to get my photos with them:

It drizzled a little bit this morning but all in all the weather was great for running. I had a blast. This afternoon I’m planning to have lunch with my friend Joel and then later tonight, dinner with my friend Aurora. I don’t know that I’ll have time to play in any of the parks but that’s ok … with all the running thru the parks I’ll be doing, I think I’ll be OK if I don’t spend a ton of time walking around WDW. Tomorrow morning I’ll be running the inaugural Walt Disney World 10K. Wee! Hope you are having a great Thursday! Happy Weekend Eve!!

  • Alejandra

    I spy some super awesome footwear. I’ve got the same pair- flat feet twinsies!