Newly Out Robin Roberts Shares The First Photo Of Her Girlfriend Amber Laign


Last last month, Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts casually came out as gay on her official Facebook profile. Roberts shared publicly for the first time a photo of her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign during yesterday morning’s broadcast of GMA. In a segment of the show where the various GMA anchors shared photos from their holiday vacations, Robin shared a photo from a family wedding she attended where Amber stood by her side as her date. In the grand scheme of things, sharing a photo like this shouldn’t really be “news”. But the fact that a newly gay prominent news anchor is now free to share moments from her life like this on national television seems very significant to me.

Robin Roberts can’t stop gushing about her girlfriend! The “Good Morning America” anchor shared the first photo of her longtime love, Amber Laign, on Monday’s segment of the hit morning show. The 53-year-old host and fellow anchors Lara Spencer, Amy Robach, and George Stephanopoulos happily shared stories and snaps from their holiday vacations. Roberts was smiling with excitement as she detailed her time off, which started with a trip to Turks and Caicos, then a jetset to Ogunquit, Maine, and lastly down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for her niece’s wedding. Roberts shared a family photo from her niece’s wedding, where she explained who was on-tap for the joyous occasion: “Next to me is my girlfriend, Amber, and my sister-in-law, Cynthia, and my brother, Butch. And it was a glorious, glorious time that weekend.” Being that this is the first time Roberts has mentioned her girlfriend on television since coming out in a Facebook post on Dec. 29, Stephanopoulos took the opportunity to address the exciting news. He hinted that her relationship with Laign was a well-known fact among her close colleagues and that he hoped her experience coming out was positive. “I have never been happier or healthier than I am right now and my year-end post was just full of gratitude and just telling everyone all that I’m grateful for, including my girlfriend Amber who really loved me through a difficult year,” Roberts responded emotionally. Roberts’s sister, Sally-Ann, and Amber were both by the star’s side as she bravely battled breast cancer in 2008 and a rare blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome, which required her to have a bone marrow transplant in 2012. Roberts and Laign, a licensed massage therapist from the San Francisco/Bay Area, reportedly have been dating for 10 years. This may be the first snap we’ve seen of Laign, but we hope it won’t be the last. Happy New Year, Robin.

Wow. 10 years. That is amazing. Because Robin casually came out off camera and then casually showed off this photo of and talked on air about her girlfriend, the door was opened for her to talk more personally about her coming out as gay in public. This is another win for much-needed gay visibility on TV. There will come a day when coming out stories like this won’t be news but until that day comes, I’m happy to celebrate every time it does happen. Robin and Amber make a great couple, don’t you think? And after 10 years together, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear wedding bells soon.


  • OG Emily

    They are adorable together! Mazel Robin for your good health & many blessings.

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Yay! So cute.