Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Releases The First Episode Of His hitRECord Variety Show


Yesterday we got to see a clip from Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new TV series hitRECord On TV and right now, we get to watch the first episode of the show IN FULL right here, right now. JGL decided to let fans online watch the first episode in full before it airs nationally on TV. Why wait when you can get your JGL fix right this second. What are you waiting for, y’all? Click above and watch.

  • Heather

    That is SOOO cool! That’s for posting this. I’ve seen ads on TV and wanted to watch this new show. I really enjoyed it, too!

  • rachel

    i love love love him, but i’m afraid the show wasn’t as great as i’d hoped. but it is the pilot episode, so i’ll def give it time to develop… bc i love love love him. :)