‘I Accidentally Watched 15 Episodes Yesterday…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


What a week y’all, what a week! 2014 is friggen here! Trent is back from TokyOMG, which is kind of a bummer for those of us who were having a total blast Instagram-stalking him during his whole trip. And Jelena has officially reunited for 2014. But the best part about ringing in the New Year was that it gave me an excuse to watch some of the many movies I’d missed out on so I could make my indie movie list for y’all. It’s been great reading the responses and I love getting recommendations from you guys, so keep ‘em coming! And click inside for some over-the-top awesomeness in PITNBr comments this week! Happy New Year!!!

PITNBr OliviaFlorrickEsq, I cry-laughed my way through this entire comment (especially the part where you mention having to go to court and at first I thought you meant, like, you had gotten caught up in some ish), read it to my sig other, patted myself on the back for converting one more person to Scandal, read your comment again, cry-laughed some more:

SHANNON. I just got on the Scandal train and am incapable of escaping despite the fact that we seem to have jumped the tracks and are heading, full speed, over a cliff. I accidentally watched 15 episodes yesterday and then spent the remainder of the time in which I was supposed to be sleeping reading every recap you have ever written, spoilers and all. I am supposed to be in court in an hour. I should be prepping for this hearing – instead I am plotting the rest of my legal career on the premise that I will somehow grow up to become a super-lawyer combination of Oliva Pope and Alicia Florrick who saves the world one case at a time while being wooed by no less than two beautiful, powerful men at once and wearing f’ing. sick. ass. suits. that, being Oliva Florrick, I will easily be able to afford along with my impeccably furnished house/apartment in Chicago/D.C. So. Thanks a lot. This is all your fault.

I also LOVE your username and have decided that there are only two types of women in this world– the Olivias and the Alicias. It’s a great idea to try to combine them both. And we are sooo starting a Good Wife/Scandal fan club called Olivia Florrick Esq.

PITNBr Iris B made pretty much all of us cry when she posted this throwback clip of James Avery (who passed away this week) and Will Smith on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air:

PITNBr nicole and I have similar feelings about the best indie movies of 2013:

when people tell me they havent seen ‘The Place Beyond on the Pines’..i almost feel like telling them we cant be friends.
and Shannon…i totally understand where you’re coming from with Gyllenhaal in Prisoners..lol

If y’all missed it, Jake plays this hot, brooding, tatted up police officer and it’s kind of a big deal:


PITNBr ClaireMichelle had trouble picking a favorite moment from that hilariously epic 2013 News blooper reel:

Is it weird that I laughed the most at the woman losing her fake eyelashes and the guy at the end referring to Lindsay Lohan as “LiLo”? Wait, no. I definitely laughed the hardest when the woman (I THINK) inadvertently drew a penis. Hahah. So awesome, thanks for sharing this!

Also, shout out to the Des Moines news station, KCCI Channel 8, for making it! 8:57 mark. Luckily, nothing embarrassing for the news team. ;)

Shouts-out, indeed.

PITNBr D. had a little verbal trouble over the Veronica Mars movie trailer:

Arghhhh..so excited..cannot form words…arghhhhh..when…theatres..play..now…please…arghhhhh

PITNBr monshishi expressed the same excitement as many of you over the Lady Gaga/Christina Aguilera Do What You Want official release:

yas, yas, YASSS!

PITNBr Deb Hodgon has some very simple advice for Selena Gomez who was spotted with her ex-boo (now current boo, we assume) Justin Bieber:

Run, Selena, run!

2014 is here y’all and I still don’t know exactly what to do with that information. Usually at the beginning of a year I feel like I know exactly what’s gone go down and I’m all excited and weird. But last year was full of so many surprises and so much cray, I just don’t even know what to expect, LOL. But I’m psyched to be here! And I think tonight… I’m finally gonna take the Christmas tree down. LMAO.

Nobody call me. I need to get it together!

  • Samantha

    When I first heard about James Avery passing away, I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF THIS SCENE!!! This is when we knew that Will Smith was going to be a stARRRRRR.

  • Iris B

    Oh dear, I’m sorry for making everyone cry!!! If it’s any help, I still am crying…

  • OliviaFlorrickEsq

    I feel like I just won an Oscar.

    • Shannon

      OliviaFlorrickEsq, you’re right to feel that way. LMAO! No, seriously. You are famous to me now. That comment was everything.

    • OG Emily

      Olivia, your comment is EVERYTHING. I love it. Shannon also converted me mid-season and I furiously watched the eps on Netflix, then caught up on the current eps, now I’m so frustrated that I have to wait until Feb for more eps. Binge watching Scandal should be a national sport and Shannon is the team captain.

  • nicole

    i really never understood how people found Jake attractive..but after seeing him like that in prisoners…i totally got it. lol

  • Sabrina

    I see all of these commercials about shows coming back on this week and all I think is “Doesn’t matter because Scandal doesn’t come back on until FEB 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ugh why do we have to wait so long. Why do they do this to us? Not fair.

  • Thomas

    I LOVE when people join the Scandal or Revenge bandwagon!! WHOOO!!! Welcome to the team OliviaFlorrickEsq!

    Now confession: I accidentally binge watched the first two seasons of The Good Wife over Christmas break. I am in love. Damn real life getting in the way of the next three seasons!

    • Thomas

      @Shannon “And we are sooo starting a Good Wife/Scandal fan club called Olivia Florrick Esq.” – add Emily in there too: Olivia Florrick Thorne, Esq.”

    • Shannon

      Thomas, agh! So jealous of you! I started The Good Wife last season. Did you buy the early seasons on DVD?

    • Thomas

      Netflix Canada just added it to their site a couple of weeks ago!

  • monshishi

    hahaha! I made the PITNB comments of the week!!! ..and probably with the worst comment ever lol! Thanks Shannon :)

    • Shannon

      monshishi, nope. I love your comment– you nailed it, lol :)


    DMBBTL = Dead Momma Brought Back To Life

    Thnis show has umped the tracks and the shark.
    Wasn’t Sydney Bristow’s mother “dead” and brought back to life in Alias? This formula is old and Shonda should know better.