Will Katy Perry Take Up A Mini Las Vegas Residency Of Her Own?


Katy Perry was in attendance for the opening night performance of Britney Spears’s new Las Vegas show Britney: Piece of Me last month and it appears that she was very taken by what she saw. Not only was Katy very vocal about her love of Britney’s live show but it turns out that she may be considering a Las Vegas show of her own. It is being reported that Katy put on a private performance for investors in Vegas recently because she is considering a concert residency of her own when Britney takes a break from her show at Planet Hollywood later this year (Britney is performing 100 shows this year but there are 265 other days where she won’t be performing). If this deal comes to fruition, Katy will perform a show of her own in the Axis theater where Britney performs Piece of Me while Brit goes on hiatus later in 2014. Altho I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, I have to admit that this sounds like a great idea.

Pop superstar Katy Perry listened to serious overtures from Caesars Entertainment execs on New Year’s Eve about performing in a mini-residency at the new theater the Axis at Planet Hollywood when pop princess gal pal Britney Spears is on break from her 100 dates over the next two years. I was reliably told that Katy and her team met with the Caesars officials when she played a secret show for their high rollers Tuesday night. “We would love it if we could welcome Katy to the new Planet Hollywood theater,” one entertainment VP told me. “She told us she loved the theater and seeing Britney perform there on opening night. We have a number of stars in our sights and expect to announce future performers in the next two months.” Katy, her dancers and band dazzled guests with the private show, which I watched. She won screams and applause for singing during a jump-rope workout and for accompanying herself simply on a guitar. In between songs, Katy talked with audience members and even gave a high-five to one who said that it was his New Year’s resolution to “reach out and touch her.” Another top Caesars exec told me: “She put on an incredible show. It would be another big hit at Planet Hollywood if it can be worked out before or around her upcoming global tour. Katy impressed all of us with her personality and professionalism. She loved being part of our Caesars family for the New Year. Hopefully it can continue.”

It occurred to me that the folks at Planet Hollywood might want another popstar to play shows while Britney is on break from her Piece of Me performances. Britney will be performing 100 shows each year of her 2-year residency which leaves a lot of time for someone else to perform when she is not. It’s possible that another performer, whether it be Katy Perry or not, could perform a considerable number of shows in the Axis theater when Britney is not performing. I can totally see this rumored Katy thing actually happening. Katy would be great for Vegas and she’s friendly enough with Britney that the two shows could be marketed together. HMMM. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Would you make your way out to Vegas to see Katy Perry perform a concert residency of her own?


  • Aly

    I love how Britney can make anything trendy! At first everyone was like “why the hell is Britney doing Las Vegas? That’s going to kill her career blah blah blah” and now all the others want to do it.
    Queen Britney rules, as usual.

  • Jamie Tran Reitnauer

    No! IMHO, Residencies are for performers with families (I.e. Children) who are not set up for the vigorous world of touring and traveling. Katy is child free and shouldn’t be settling in to a part time residency this soon in her career. Her Katy cats (myself included) would be disappointed if she forsakes a tour for a Vegas residency.