Listen: Lady Gaga Releases A Studio Version Of Her ‘Do What U Want’ Duet With Christina Aguilera


A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga guest performed her new single Do What U Want on an episode of The Voice and brought Christina Aguilera out to duet with her. The live performance was such a sensation in the days after the performance that Gaga decided to release a studio recording of her collaboration with Xtina. As you may know, the song originally features R. Kelly as Gaga’s duet partner but, IMHO, the song sounds much better with Xtina on vocals. Click the video embed above to hear the studio version of Lady Gaga and Xtina dueting on the track and then head over to iTunes to download the song, if you so desire. I’m not a big fan of either Gaga or Xtina but I really do love this track featuring the both of them … don’t you?

  • catbatbom

    Jeez, thank goodness. This version is vastly superior to the original if you ask me, and they really do compliment each other’s voices well. Going to itunes!

  • Michael

    I wish she would release a studio version of the duet w/ RuPaul on Fashion! lol This is good though.

  • nicole

    who would have thought these two would sound so good together? im still not a fan of the song, but i would take this version over the original.

  • MJ

    So, um…. am I the only one who totally thought the song was Christina’s at first hearing it? Lesbihonest…. sounds awesome. :)

  • monshishi

    yas, yas, YASSS!