Miley Cyrus Rocks A Mohawk On The Cover Of ‘Love’ Magazine


Late last month we saw video of Miley Cyrus flashing her “penis panties” in an advent calendar video that she shot for Love magazine. Today we learn that Miley is featured on the cover of the new issue of Love and as you can see below, she is rocking a seriously serious mohawk. It looks like Miley is ready to end 2013 as an edgy magazine coverstar … can you dig?

She is known for her shocking antics – and Miley Cyrus certainly didn’t disappoint when she posed for the cover of trendy fashion magazine, Love, recently. The 21 year-old star, who has spent much of 2013 being castigated by critics for her on-stage behaviour, sported a dramatic mohawk hairstyle for the shoot which features in the latest edition of the popular glossy. Photographed by Sheffield-born David Sims, who regularly contributes to Vogue, the Wrecking Ball star can be seen standing side-on to display her latest look. Wearing an orange roll-neck top, the star poses with her eyes closed and lips pursed as she displays her partially-shaven head. The rest of it is styled into a free-standing spike, which falls to form part of a high-fashion fringe. In keeping with her dramatic appearance of late, Miley also seems to have tattooed the word ‘LOVE’ onto her right ear. On Monday the magazine used Twitter to give a preview of the cover, saying: ‘Coming soon @mileycyrus by David Sims’. Warmly welcomed by fans, it also garnered more than 2,000 immediate likes on photo-sharing website Instagram, with countless people claiming it was declaring that it was ‘awesome’ and ‘wowww’. But others were less complimentary. One subscriber said: ‘Disappointing cover. I would not expect this from Katie or LOVE. LOVE was meant to lead, not follow.’

It looks like the Year of Miley will continue to the very bitter end and I have a sneaking suspicion that Ms. Cyrus will make every effort to ensure that 2014 is her year as well. With a major tour happening in a few weeks, we can be assured that we haven’t heard the last of Miley Cyrus.


  • Ama

    That doesn’t count as a mohawk. At least not to me, ha. Um, I’m kind of ready for her to go away now-but I’m pretty sure she will still be around and in the spotlight for a good amount of time I mean Justin Beiber is still around so…

  • jessica

    makes me want to cut my hair off. she can be quite beautiful when she’s not animated

  • ClaireMichelle

    I really like this cover. More of this Miley in 2014, please!

  • Kevin

    This is about the only time I’ve seen her look decent. I wish she wouldn’t try so hard. This cover isn’t bad…not bad at all. Definitely prefer this Miley to what we’ve seen in 2013.