Watch: Miley Cyrus Makes Out With One Of Britney Spears’s Backup Dancers At The Las Vegas Show


There’s nothin’ like a little Britney Spears live to get you in the mood! Britney’s Las Vegas concert Britney: Piece Of Me officially started last night and it looks like everyone and their mama (and their backup dancers) are having a blast. Miley Cyrus attended the concert along with a host of other celebrities (including Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Kellan Lutz, Mario Lopez, Adam Lambert, Emile Hirsch, David Copperfield, and DJ Pauly D), but– wouldn’t ya know it– Miley was the most turnt up of them all, LOL. Peep the video above to see her make-out sesh with one of Britney’s backup dancers and click inside for more!

Miley’s Feelin’ It:


LMAO. Look, there are so many pictures of Miley making out with people last night, it’s hilarious. She hosted an after-party and was flashing under-boob and tonguing people down all over the place. Between last night, that pic with Cara Delevingne, and everything else we know about Miley, it sounds like Kellan Lutz is gonna have his hands full… assuming the dating rumors are true.

Are you guys SHOCKED to see Miley making out with all these fine folks? Yeah, I know. Me neither.

In other news, I cannot wait for Trent to come back home and go see Britney! I don’t know if he’ll be as turnt up as Miley clearly was, but I’m sure it’ll be a blast. Seriously though Trent. Don’t go making out with any of her backup dancers– we see how they get down ;)


  • Kelly

    GROSS. i hope she didn’t give any of those poor people mouth sores.

  • Aly

    If I was at a Britney concert, my eyes would be on nothing but Britney, the whole time.

  • Hey, I get it… I used to make out with all sorts of back-up dancers, too. Then I got Mononucleosis. Some lessons must be learned the hard way, I suppose…

  • Vicky

    I wouldn’t mind making out with Brit, but Miley… [[shudder]] What on earth is Kellan thinking!? And the hundred other people she kissed, lol.