Britney Spears Is Getting RAVE REVIEWS For Her Las Vegas Show


Our dear Britney Spears kicked off her 2-year concert residency in Las Vegas Saturday night and by pretty much all indications, she put on a show that managed to impress and garner rave reviews. Celebs like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were in attendance on opening night (tho, Miley was so bizzy getting freaky with one of Brit’s female backup dancers that she prolly didn’t pay much attention to the show) and couldn’t wait to share their love for Britney and her show on social media. I am still a few weeks away from seeing the show myself but it heartens me greatly to hear that so many people are loving the show!!

Pop icon Britney Spears‘ new 90-minute Las Vegas show, “Britney: Piece of Me,” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino drew raves from the sold-out crowd of A-list celebrities, reporters, die-hard fans and family members. Spears, 32, announced her two-year deal to perform her own show on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Sept. 17 and had just four months to put together the performance. Spears signed on to perform 50 shows each in 2014 and 2015 at The AXIS Theater, and casino executives told the Associated Press the gig could be extended if it proves a success. It’s no surprise all eyes are on Spears. With the release of her eighth studio album titled “Britney Jean,” her 32nd birthday and learning choreography for the 24-song set list, Spears has no doubt had a very busy December … So far, Spears’ whirlwind publicity schedule (thanks perhaps to her revamped management team) seem to have paid off with opening night fervor. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez were in attendance, along with DJ Pauly D, Adam Lambert, and “Extra” host Mario Lopez. Cyrus was seen enjoying the show in various Instagram posts including one in which Cyrus is seen alongside Spears’ mother and sister … Lopez tweeted about his good time at the concert especially getting plucked out of the crowd by Spears to join her onstage for a dance number … So far, early reviews have been positive for Spears’ lavish, entertaining spectacle. “Spears stomped into town with a 21-hit salute to her 15 years of dance confections the artfully melded spectacle with stagecraft,” USA Today writer Marco della Cava wrote in his glowing review. “In fact, listening to some of the more empowering songs that helped close the show, including ‘Stronger’ and ‘Till The End of the World,’ one had to acknowledge that all three pop divas in the audience this night owed a huge debt to the mother of two on stage,” Della Cava continued. “She may not be the 18-year-old girl next door who shocked the world silly, but she’s still a force to be reckoned with.” MTV News writer Sophie Schillaci, who took over MTV News’ Twitter account to live blog the night wrote: “True to her word, Britney Spears poured on the cheese during the opening night of her “Piece of Me” Las Vegas residency,” referring to Britney’s statement that “cheesy is good” from her E! documentary. “Spears delivered on her signature style of larger-than-life production, blaring beats and rapid-fire dance moves, whirling through seven costume changes and even a couple of wig changes,” Schillaci said. “The show’s production values are unusually high for a casino residency, often calling to mind the golden age of music videos,” said Hannah Dreier of The Associated Press. “Its high-concept set pieces featured a cadre of backup dancers who danced in human-sized hamster wheels and somersaulted over the Grammy-winning star.” Billboard writer Keith Caulfield kept a live blog running of the show, and mentioned the thrill of hearing Spears “breathing into the microphone,” in reference to the question of whether there were any live vocals in the show … Regardless of any controversy that may surround Spears’ residency, her Vegas engagement is setting a precedent. The Los Angeles Times calls it a “gamble,” writing, “It’s unparalleled for a contemporary, major Top 40 pop act to embark on a long-term Vegas engagement while they’re still on the charts— and on the playlists of people under 35. ” However, leave it to Spears to take on the challenge. Few doubt the resilience of Spears’ fans, who will continue to flock to see her make history in Sin City. Spears continues her residency with a show on Dec. 28, followed by shows on Dec. 30 and Dec. 31. It then takes a break until Jan. 29. Tickets range from $59 to $179.

I cannot wait to see this for myself. Even if the reviews weren’t raves, I’d still be very excited to see Britney: Piece of Me LIVE for myself. My friend Bradley who writes Muumuse is going to be at the New Year’s Even show and his excitement is driving me crazy!! I have to wait until the last week of January to see the show but now that I know that folks are loving it, I’m happy to just bide my time … AS BEST I CAN! AHHH! Britney’s 2-year residency is just getting started … I can’t wait to see what 2014 and 2015 bring for her :D


  • Brenna Fender

    After seeing the documentary, I’m really glad to hear her get such good reviews. So many people worked really hard on this show. I can’t wait until you can see it, Trent. It’ll be like a religious experience for you!

  • mario

    I was there on opening night and I loved it. Piece of me was loud, colorful, energetic and fake…everything Vegas stands for. Did she lip sync? Who cares, I was there to be entertained and trust me, I was! I can’t wait to go back again, again, and again.

  • Nicole O’Brien

    I am just DYING to see this show! Especially after seeing the documentary this weekend. I was spinning “Britney” and “In the Zone” in my car today. I’m sure I’ll be rotating all my Britney cds for a while.

  • Donny

    The production/spectacle has gotten mixed reviews at best. Britney herself has received far less than “rave” reviews. Not a live note sung and dancing that one reviewer called “listless.” Only a fool would pay money to see it.

    • @Donny — LOL :D

  • AshleyLyn

    I went last night and had a great time! Her performance/dancing was much improved over videos I saw from opening night. I think it’s just going to keep getting better as she gets more comfortable! The energy in the place was amazing!