‘Britney Did It Better,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


What an insane week of insane insanity. First of all, Xmas 2013 happened and it was kind of a big deal. And then there’s the fact that our Trent has been having the best week ever in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been working hard putting together some really fun round-ups for the end of the year, so I haven’t had a chance to post comments over the last couple of weeks. But I couldn’t skip out tonight because this is officially the last Sunday of 2013! Let’s celebrate the awesomeness of you PITNBrs one last time this year!

PITNBr Monicaaa is not especially impressed with Miley Cyrus’s Adore You video:

As with all things in life – Britney did it better.

PITNBr OG Emily recently discovered the amazingness that is Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter:

Holy crap. She referenced Mystery Science Theatre. I am officially in love. More posts on Chrissy please!

PITNBr Franki and I curled up with Love Actually and had the best friggen Christmas ever:

Shannon! Great minds must think alike because after my daughter opened her gifts and got preoccupied (she got a Wii), I curled up on the couch and watched my favorite movie…Love actually! :) Belated Happy holidays!

PITNBr Akili supports the new movement that is Drake and Zoe Kravitz dating:

I kinda like this pairing. Zoe seems just emo enough to handle Drake and all his feelings…

PITNBr Kendra would like to sell her body for a ticket to Britney Spears’s Las Vegas show. Interestingly enough, I feel like she represents the cast majority of PITNBrs with this idea:

I LOVED the documentary..Not only is she funny and totally open, but she’s IN CHARGE! I guess I always felt like everyone was making the calls for her, but she’s showing how much say she has in so many aspects of this show..I’m too broke to go to any shows yet, but after watching this, I will sell my fat ass to see it..I have to..Sooooo..Any takers?? ;)

PITNBr swile71 welcomes the coming of Justin Bieber’s retirement. As do many of us:

PLEASE let this be true. It would make me his #1 fan.

PITNBr Lulu (and PITNBr Thomas… and everyone else who commented) has me hella psyched to finally read Gone Girl. Seriously. I promise to read it soon:

… you know what I did after finishing reading it? I chucked the damn novel across the room! Never have I read a book that left me so… just.. MAD.
Is she an amazingly talented author? Yes. yes. yes.

But GAH!

PITNBr TheFabFour asked an absolutely brilliant question about the vast difference between celebrity life and the life of a normie:

Why do celebs not get hot and sweaty in nightclubs!? I would be drowning in pit stains in Miley’s long-sleeve lycra top, let alone Kellan Lutz’s leather jacket?!?
Oh the joys of being a normal person ;(

Well, this normie is about to hit the sack. I need to rest up because my absolute favorite holiday of the year is coming up and I plan to get hella turnt up. And by ‘hella turnt up’ I mean I plan to have 1-2 glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve while hanging out with Baby Josev and fam. It’s gonna be epic y’all. Nobody call me!

  • Kendra

    Woot! Made the list! Still no takers……Yet!

  • OG Emily

    Ummmm … Wasn’t baby Josev a product of New Years? How you gonna top that Shannon?!

    • Shannon

      OG Emily, LMAAAOOOoooo! You’re right! I can’t!