North West Got Her Own Lamborghini For Xmas


Yesterday we learned that little North West, the only begotten child of Kanye West and his babymama, received some pretty sweet designer duds for Xmas this year and today we learn that the little miss also got her first CAR as well. And she didn’t just get any ol’ toy car to ride around and play with … Nori got a black Lamborghini that matches the one her father owns. Yes, folks, North West at just a few months old has a nicer whip than you do.

Only the best for his little girl! Baby North West got her very own mini Ferrari sports car over the holidays — just like her dad Kanye West! Kim Kardashian shared the adorable picture of the 6-month-old’s new wheels via Instagram on Friday, Dec. 27. “Like father like daughter,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote. Alongside the caption, she shared a picture of her fiance’s black Ferrari, with North’s miniature one placed to the right.

OK. I gotta admit … this is cute and cool as Hell. I mean, it’s not uncommon for little kids to get toy cars to ride around when they’re really little but a LAMBORGHINI?! I CAN’T. I want to be a hater but damnit, I just cannot. North West is going to live THE LIFE. Gah. Amazing.


  • Queenie

    It’s a Ferrari, not a Lamborghini.

  • Dancoh

    I think you meant to say. It’s a Lamborghini not a Ferrari.

  • adam

    That is very very much a Lamborghini, not a Ferrari. It is a Lamborghini Aventador.

    • @adam — LOL! Can you tell I don’t know cars? I thought it was a Lambo too but the source article mentioned a Ferrari so … I’ve fixed the post back to correct, thanks!!