Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz Might Be A Real Thing


So … a couple of weeks ago, Miley Cyrus was spotted in the very close company of actor Kellan Lutz on a recent trip to the Bahamas. Miley and Kellan flew off on the holiday together on a private plane, sparking talk that the two have coupled up. Kellan was asked about the trip when he got back to LA and he pointedly made clear that he is “still single”. Last night, in Las Vegas, Miley hosted a party at Beacher’s Mad House and wouldn’t you know it but Kellan was also in attendance at the very same party. The pair was snapped partying together in the VIP section and a kiss was even shared. Is this the beginning of a new relationship?

First, there was this …

… then there was this:

Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz did nothing to quash the increasingly loud rumors that they may be hooking up when they were spotted together in Las Vegas on Friday night. The pair arrived separately at the grand opening of Beacher’s Madhouse – Cyrus walking in with showman Jeff Beacher and Lutz arriving an hour later with friends. They kept their distance early on – even partying at separate tables for a portion of the night – but hooked up later. Lutz, 28, wearing a leather jacket and a dark baseball cap, headed to Cyrus’s VIP table at about 2:30 a.m. “They talked a very close range for a long time while Miley was laughing and rubbing his back,” an onlooker says. “At one point she kissed his ear.” About an hour later the duo exited the new Vegas nightclub. “They left in the same large group, but Kellan was a few steps behind her the whole time,” the source says. “Most of the people chasing after Miley didn’t even notice him right behind her. He did a pretty good job of blending in.”

It’s quite possible that these two are just friends, it’s also possible that they are friends with benefits … OR we could be witnessing the birth of a significant relationship. Miley hasn’t been publicly linked to anyone since her break-up with ex-fiancée Liam Hemsworth so it’s about time she moved on a new dude, right? What do y’all think of this pairing? Do you like these two together?

[Photo credit: Splash News, Wireimage; Source]

  • TheFabFour

    Why do celebs not get hot and sweaty in nightclubs!? I would be drowning in pit stains in Miley’s long-sleeve lycra top, let alone Kellan Lutz’s leather jacket?!?
    Oh the joys of being a normal person ;(

    • ClaireMichelle

      This is such a good question. I need to know how they do this!

    • OG Emily

      Excellent question … I’d say it’s because they’re in a VIP section which has lots of elbow room & I’m sure some air vents/AC.

    • AmandaMarie

      Pro-tip for sweat that’s worked for me every time. Bring a travel sized baby powder. Place a small amount in your hand, run your hands together to spread it evenly, pat your forehead, behind the knees gently. Wash hands, and then you’re good to go. Double check for powder marks and boom. :-)

  • Ama

    Um, no. Please, no.

  • Tony

    He does have a movie coming out.. Hercules. He needs all the promo he can get, that’s all it is. And he sure knows that hanging out with Miley will sure get the wheel spinning.

    • @Tony — Yep, that occurred to me as well.

    • OG Emily

      @Tony – exactly. This isn’t a pairing, it’s a publicity stunt for promo purposes. (Say THAT 5x fast.)

  • Phil

    what do these gorgeous men see in that girl?! Im available. and I don’t act a hot mess every second!!