Britney Spears Begins Her Las Vegas Concert Residency


Our dear Britney Spears performed a final full dress rehearsal in Las Vegas, NV last night ahead of the official debut of her show Britney: Piece of Me tonight and she did so in front of a packed house of invited guests. Photos, video and detailed descriptions of Britney’s show are already all over the place so if you’re curious to read about the show now, there are plenty of places to get ALL the deets. I want to hold off on knowing too much about the show before I see it in a few weeks so I’ve stayed away from the spoilers … somewhat. I did look at a few photos but I have not read any descriptions about happens in the show. Britney shared a fantastic photo last night from her final dress performance, which you can see below. It’s almost time for Britney’s reign in LV to commence. Are you ready?

Can’t believe the 1st show is almost here!!!

Jordan from the Britney fansite Breathe Heavy attended the dress performance last night and he blogged a very detailed review of the show HERE. As I said, I have not yet read his review but I did check out a few photos … like this one:

I’m really anxious to see this show myself but … I MUST WAIT I MUST WAIT I MUST WAIT. Britney: Piece of Me begins officially tonight … like, in about 15 mins. from right now. We are on the brink of the Britney Spears in Las Vegas era. I’m not sure what to expect over the next 2 years but I hope it’s a stunning success for both Britney and her fans alike :)


  • Aly

    OMFG I so want to go!! I’m from Australia but I really, really, really, really want to go. Oh please please please let it go well, especially her first night so it raises her confidence. Love you Britney.

  • Nathan

    I’m not a big fan of Celine’s, but Celine will always be the queen of Vegas. I can’t see Britney signing for a second time once this is over.

  • Aly

    I hope she doesn’t sign for a second time. To be honest, she’s too young to be performing there but I think it’s going to be the best thing for her to get her confidence back. But I hope after these two years, she’s ready to put out another album.

  • warmsun

    Going to see Celine next month in Vegas, where I’ll actually here a performer perform her songs…um…live. I saw the Britney “Circus” tour and honestly, once was enough. It was painfully obvious it was all “memorex” and while that’s fine for once in a while, there’s no way I’d be paying hundreds of dollars to see something like that.

    P!nk was a MUCH better show and you could actually tell she was actually singing live for most of it.

  • jdub

    oh no. the picture that you’re using to promote this story looks like brittnay is being swallowed by a vagina. its like an optical vagina on vagina illusion