Disney, See?


Merry Xmas to all y’all in the US but it’s already December 26th here in Japan so … Happy Boxing Day to my beloved Canucks and Brits!! Adriana and I decided that we wanted to spend our Xmas Day having fun at the Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea theme parks and boy, did we go all out. We managed to get out of the house, onto the train and to the park relatively early in the day … and were met with THRONGS of other people who also decided that Xmas Day was the perfect day to enjoy Disney. Despite the crowds, we did have a really amazing time. Most of our day/night was spent oohing and ahhhing at everything we saw. As a big Disney fan, it was really fun getting to experience a couple of totally different and totally amazing parks on the other side of the planet … and all on Xmas day!.

I’m not even kidding, as soon as we got close enough to see the Disney parks, we started freaking out. We spent the first part of the day in Tokyo Disneyland and then the rest of the day at DisneySea. The Disneyland park isn’t all that big but it’s really spread out. The lines, OMG, were insane. The longest I’ve ever seen a wait time at Disneyland (California Adventure/WDW) at home was about 2 hours. Most of the rides here had a wait time of at least 3 hours. I didn’t even know those wait time signs went up that high. We did get Fastpasses for some rides but we mostly spent our day just soaking up all of the amazing things to see. We ate popcorn with soy sauce on it, strawberry churros, ginger cookies with frosting inside, warm mango almond creme milk and a traditional Japanese meal inside the park. AH! I just loved every single thing. I wanted to get a Mickey Ears hat but they do them different here. Instead of felt caps with plastic ears, the hats here are basically stuffed animals that are affixed to your head. AMAZING! The live entertainment was so great … folks here love the parades so much that they spend their whole time in the park sitting and waiting for the next parade to start after one finishes. AND EVERYTHING IS IN JAPANESE … like the Star Tours ride:

I. Just. Loved. Every. Single. Thing. AH!

The DisneySea park was just mindblowing … the most unique Disney experience I’ve ever had. As impressive as Disneyland was, DisneySea was just mind-blowing. There is an entire Agrabah land from Aladdin that was HUGE! The Little Mermaid land was inside and underground and MASSIVE. We saw a weird live version of The Little Mermaid where Ariel first decides she wants to be human, gets the offer from Ursula and then gets talked out of going thru with it by Sebastian … all spoken in Japanese. I was all .. whaaa? Hahaha. The Tower of Terror ride (inside America land in DisneySea) is probably the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen in any Disney park I’ve been to. The highlight of my day, tho, was randomly running into PITNB readers Stuart and Dina in the DisneySea park. They are also visiting Tokyo but from Singapore. It’s always so nice to meet readers but it’s really crazy to meet readers from around the world like this. Adriana and I had a really full but extremely fun day. I’m very proud of the fact that we seem to have gotten the hang of using the subway system here (so far) so yay for that. Today we’re meeting up with a friend of my friend Rachel in Shibuya for a day of fun … no set plan, just gonna enjoy the day. I believe we’re going to Robot Restaurant for dinner tonight … I understand it’s as amazing as the name implies (it’s also the place where Charli XCX filmed the video for her new single SuperLove). We still have a week to go and OMG it’s all so freaking fun!!

Merry Xmas to those of you who celebrate, Happy Hump Day to the rest of you!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

  • KatieFeldmom

    The Mickey ears are awesome.

  • Dezden

    Looks like a great time. Merry Christmas!