Watch: The ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Will Return In CGI Animated Form


So, it’s been some time since the Powerpuff Girls have been on TV and since they’ve been away, a lot has changed … I guess. The Powerpuffs will return to TV next month in animated form to celebrate their 15th anniversary … but they will do so with a new computer-generated look. HMMM. A preview teaser has been released for this new Powerpuff Girls special (which will feature the vocal talents of Ringo Starr, btw) and at first glance, I can’t say that I’m all that impressed. I love the Powerpuff Girls the way they were in traditional 2D animated form. Blah. Click the embed above to watch this teaser and see what you think. I’m sure many people will be happy that the girls are coming back … but I’m not sure many will be happy with the CGI make-over they are returning with :/

  • Brittany

    Boooo!!!!! I don’t like what they did to them. :( My childhood is ruined forever!!!! *takes ball and goes home*

  • Joanna

    The reality is that 2D animation is officially dead. The only TV shows that still make episodes in 2D are ones that have been on the air forever and even then they try to infuse a little CGI every once and awhile. It was really telling that the medium was over when Disney decided not to make anymore movies in 2D after The Princess and The Frog. Look at what happened to TMNT for example. Once Nickelodeon decided to buy the rights and revive the series, they immediately revamped it in CGI. It looks horrible, but the story lines are halfway decent. In the end the most important part of any TV show is the plot. I hope the same writers come back for the Powerpuff Girls. If they do then I will have no problem checking out the show at least once to see how they are doing. If they decided to have the same characters and location but new voice actors and writers then I’m going to be completely turned off. This has the potential to be amazing if Cartoon Network is still the ones that will air it. They have really turned their network around in the last couple of years. They were on the brink of losing so many viewers that they couldn’t recover when they ditched most of their animation for live-action, but at the last minute they listened to the viewers and gave them exactly what they wanted. They are not back to where they were during their golden age, but compared to most children’s networks these days they are light years better.

  • Heather


  • Heather

    I love the PPG and will watch them, even if they look different. It’s too bad 2D is dead, but CGI works for me, as long as the story lines are good! The animation looks good to me, and it’s nice for them to have an updated look 15 years later. Long live the Powerpuff Girls!!!!