Britney Spears Reveals The Setlist For Her Las Vegas Show ‘Piece Of Me’


We are just days away from the premiere of Britney Spears’s 2-year concert residency in Las Vegas called Piece of Me and today we learn a pretty big spoiler about the show. During the broadcast of Britney’s E! documentary I Am Britney Jean tomorrow night, she reveals the full setlist of songs that she will perform in her show. The setlist has made its way online so if YOU want to know which 24 songs she will be performing in her Vegas show, you can click below and find out. To be honest, I couldn’t resist looking at the setlist and I know there are some of you out there who want to know the list too so … read on and be enlightened.

OK, you’ve been warned … the setlist is below:

01. Work Bitch
02. Womanizer
03. 3
04. Oops… I Did It Again
05. …Baby One More Time
06. Me Against The Music
07. Slave 4 U
08. Toxic
09. Circus
10. Scream and Shout
11. Till The World Ends
12. Piece Of Me
13. Hot As Ice
14. Boys
15. Perfume
16. I Wanna Go
17. Lucky
18. Stronger
19. If U Seek Amy
20. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
21. (You Drive Me) Crazy
22. Do Somethin’
23. Freakshow
24. Gimme More

OMG … this list! Britney will perform old songs, new songs, classic anthems, fan favorites … this is a great collection of songs. Naturally, some folks may be upset that their fave song didn’t make the cut but I’m happy with the way her entire career is represented. Britney: Piece of Me will start on December 27 … less than a week from now. I really hope our dear Britney slays the HELL out of Sin City. I’m hopeful that this show will be a huge success for her. Woot!


  • Patrick

    interesting setlist but i’m disappointed in the lack of songs from the new album but its a great list nonetheless!

    • @Patrick — “i’m disappointed in the lack of songs from the new album

      I am not ;)

  • Emily Lange

    LOVE IT! wasn’t planning on going cause I live so far away, but if the show gets good reviews Im DEF down to go see it!

    Love that she choose songs from all her albums, but not so many from this last one. I wasn’t a huge fan. its a bit slow for vegas

  • ClaireMichelle

    This setlist is everything I could have hoped for! I need to plan my Vegas trip! Ahhh!!!

  • Lorraineliloe

    Sounds like it will be a fun show but I hope she switches it up at some point during the 2 years there. I’m not too excited about the most recent album either Trent, something is lacking in it. Always a Britney fan though. I’m sure she will succeed and rock LV.

  • Franki

    This is actually pretty PERFECT! AAHHH!!! I am going to celebrate the end of medical school in Vegas and watching her perform this setlist is just absolutely PUUUR-FECT!

  • Kevin

    Great set list!! I’m confused though….in her documentary on E! it showed her rehearsing Everytime. I wonder if it didn’t make the final cut!?!

  • Aly

    I’m super happy she’s got Slave and Crazy in there but I wish she had Everytime too.

    • Aly

      Okay apparently she did sing Everytime??