Beyoncé Throws Major Shade At Target, Buys Walmart Shoppers $50 Gift Cards

She Spent A Grand Total Of $37,500 At A Massachusetts Store

Shoppers at a Walmart in Massachusetts got the thrill of their lives last night! Seriously. Beyoncé popped up in a Tewksbury store and had everyone going cray-cray when she bought all of the shoppers $50 gift cards. Insane. And quite an interesting move, considering that just a few days ago Target announced that they would not be selling her brand, spankin’ new, out of the blue album, Beyoncé. I don’t know about you, but this looks like some serious shade thrown on the part of King Bey… and I love it! Click inside for more!

E! has the deets, and here’s a Vine one shopper shared on Instagram:

Not only does the worldwide superstar drop an album with absolutely zero marketing tricks and still manage to top Billboard charts, but Bey also knows how to throw shade in the classiest of ways—while also helping out people!

Queen B was photographed visiting a Walmart earlier this evening, and reportedly bought all the customers present a $50 gift card!

“Beyonce just hit up wal mart and purchased everyone in the store $50 gift cards. Beyonce for president,” an Instagram user wrote with the photo.

The lucky store to get ambushed by the star is reportedly located in Tewksbury, Mass. Bey pushed her own cart around, grabbing a few items (including her new album) and got on the speaker system to greet customers and surprise them with their gift card. The store manager told Us Weekly, a total of 750 cards ($37,500 worth) were enclosed within envelopes that read, “Happy Holidays from Beyoncé.”

Her grand gesture comes a few days after Walmart’s competitor, Target, released a statement saying they wouldn’t carry Bey’s new album in stores.

As some of you know, I spent most of my childhood in Somerville, Massachusetts, so I saw some friends on Facebook mad as hell because they’d just been to that Walmart the other day, LOL. I know people must have been freaking the freak out. Friggen King Bey strikes again!

Now, I’m speculating here that this was a way for her to spread holiday cheer, whilst throwing holiday shade at Target. But what do you guys think? Was Beyoncé just being nice, or was this definitely her way of taking a stab at Target?


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  1. LOL. Beyoncé wins at everything.

  2. So much shade! Only Beyoncé could do it and get away with it. I’m loving every second of it!

  3. Alecia

    Like another queen once said, “I’mma throw shade if I can’t get paid.” And shade she did! Two snaps, a twist and a kiss for King Bey!

  4. Ashley

    Although I rather shop at Target then step one foot into Walmart but this is totally the perfect way to throw shade. Just like her genius way to release her new album. She probably like bite me Target, lol

  5. Lauren xx

    This is my mom’s hometown, she was ALL OVER THIS on Facebook. All the cool stuff happens in MA after I move…

  6. There’s an ‘Irreplaceable’ joke that can be made from this story somehow…lol To the left Target…. to the left!

  7. Maybe she’s trying to keep Walmart from refusing to sell the album now that Amazon jumped on Targets bandwagon.

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