Watch: In This Exclusive New ‘The Legend Of Hercules’ Clip Gaia Weiss Is Everything, Throws A Spear Like A Goddess


We all know by now that the new movie The Legend Of Hercules is going to be all kinds of epic. Kellan Lutz will be playing the lead role, and while that gives us plenty to get psyched about, this new clip shows us that the women in this film won’t be playing second fiddle to anyone. Gaia Weiss is taking on the role of Hebe and PITNB has an exclusive clip from a rough cut of the film; suffice it to say, you don’t wanna cross this goddess if she’s carrying a spear. Check out the video for more!

  • Britney’sBitch

    yasss i love powerful women!! i’m also gay lol

  • jessica

    Awesome clip. She sure showed the guy who was “worried” she was going to “hurt herself”. Hah!

    • @jessica — Gaia definitely rules but … Herc’s abs are really all I can see ;)

  • Paul

    This is a little like the Power Ade commercial where Lebron James was hitting a bunch of full court shots all in good fun.