Heaven Is A Band On Earth


Last night I met up with Ollie for a single drink in Echo Park which turned into a few drinks which turned into a 3 band concert which turned into a late night meet up with Amelia which turned into a really late night meal on the sidewalk next to a food truck. I wanted to see Ollie for one last hang before I leave for my trip but I didn’t anticipate that it would turn into a whole night extravaganza. That being said, we had a lot of fun all night long and made for an epic last solo hang for us in 2013 :D

After a couple of beers, Ollie invited me to see her friend Jacob’s band Heaven play a show at The Echo. They were the first of 3 bands to play last night and they were really, really good. Heaven’s vibe is a deff throwback to the fuzzy guitar, shoe-gaze sound of the mid-90’s … which I really enjoyed. The next band, TV Ghost, was a straight up homage to/rip off of Joy Division. They were pretty good but they didn’t strike me as totally original. The final band, Holograms, were loud and emo and just a’ight. Of the 3, I really enjoyed Heaven’s set the best. I hadn’t planned on seeing a show last night but I’m glad I went, we both had a great time.

After the show, we met up with Amelia and went in search of late night eats. Every place we went to was closed or closing, despite what their hours of operation CLEARLY stated on their doors. But, we made the most of it:

Our food options were limited so we decided to grab some food at the El Flamin’ Taco food truck. It was cold out last night but we were well fed, all together and happy. It’s been a while since I hung out all night so I’ve been dragging a bit today but I had so much fun.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Emma and Josh for a fun night at Griffith Observatory. I haven’t been there in a while so it’s time to go back. I hope YOU have the best Friday ever! It’s the weekend and it’s almost Xmas so … have at it and have FUN, y’all!!

  • Sabrina

    I love nights like those! :)

    • @Sabrina — Me too … it’s the mornings after that I don’t love so much haha

  • Krissy

    So cute!