Watch: Pepsi & Beyoncé Release A Music Video For Her Song ‘Grown Woman’


Last week, just before Beyoncé shocked the world with the surprise release of her new album Beyoncé last Thursday night, we got to preview Bey’s music video for Grown Woman when visuals from the vid leaked to the Internets. Today, we get to see the video in full … courtesy of Pepsi. As you may recall, we first heard Grown Woman way back at the start of the year after it was used in a Pepsi commercial starring Beyoncé. At last, the video has been released officially … which you can check out in full above. The home video clips featured in the video are really cute and I love the who Princess vibe Bey’s got going on. Check out the video, see what you think.

  • blaqfury

    i love everything about this video (and song)! #myanthem

  • Adeeba Munir

    I love the song and the video:):):)

  • Khalid Abdulellah

    i listen to this at least 5 times a day :D epic!